Sep 14, 2008

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I am so glad to have read the first review for the The Bridges. It helped me decided to go with Clay at Palms Event Center! To future brides & Grooms, Don't bother having your dream wedding at this place! Let me just start off by saying that the customer service from both Alicia & Julie were awful. The overall feeling that I got was that they don't care for my business. The first time I met with Alicia, she failed to greet my finance & I. She pretty much just sat there & did not even bother getting up to meet with us. Despite this bad initial impression, I have to say that we both really like the feel & look of the entire clubhouse. So, I thought to myself that maybe it was just me being too sensitive to Alicia's indifference/snobbish attitude. I was willing to overlook this. After the initial visit,I called Alicia back to ask some questions & I got Julie. I scheduled appointment to meet with her & to go over the details. To my surprise, I got the similar greeting that I got from Alicia as well. She pretty much just sat there & eyed me up & down. There was no warmth in her greeting. I felt as if I was intruding her time even though I made an appointment with her. She gave me a quick information session & I felt rushed through out the session. I asked her to look into the possibility of having the reception dinner 30 minutes earlier than their set time & she said that she will get back to me on that. I waited for Julie to get back to me & a week went by without any response. So, I called Julie & got Alicia. She said that she will look into that. A week and half later, I still have not heard back from Alicia nor Julie. So, my fiance & I went into the The Bridges to see if we can get our question answered. So, when we arrived to Julie/Alicia's office, no one was in the office. Then when I turned around, I saw Julie standing at the golf register counter watching us as we peered into her office. Obviously, anyone can tell that we needed help. But Julie just stood there at the counter and kept on looking at us without any smiles as we approached her. She did not even recognize me & just stood there until we arrived at the counter. I asked her the question & she looked really reluctant to help us. She then said that Alicia has already sent out an email to me, but I informed her otherwise. She then went to her office to check the email & she could not find any email being sent to me. But she did not even bother apologizing for this delay & she just stated that it's impossible for them to start 30 minutes early & that we would need to pay $1500 more to have an cocktail hour before the reception dinner. I don't mind the extra cost, but it's her overall attitude that I don't appreciate. On the initial visit, she made it sound like it's pretty possible for me to have the reception 30 minute early, but it was really the delay in the response time in getting back to me that irritated me. I have to say that The bridges was really a #1 choice for me because of the views & location, where it's 15 minutes away from our home. I would have chose them if they had better customer service. It's really their loss. Because of this hesitation, I looked elsewhere & found Palms Event Center. Clay, the catering director was so friendly & I have decided to go with them.
Services used: Wedding Venue, Rehearsal Dinner