Sep 09, 2006

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Like most weddings, ours was fabulous. My inner bridezilla bubbled a few times - weather was cold, MC (a.k.a. my brother) slipping in surprises during the reception, decor/layout/setup not quite what I wanted - they were all trivial compared to the overall success of the day. My words of advice (in order of importance): 1. Enjoy the moment. It truly flies. All brides say this and it's 100% true if your wedding is 2 hours or 2 days. Even the wedding planning went quickly - only in hindsight, of course. 2. Ask for help. Family and friends are more than willing to do anything ... ok, maybe not anything. Also, pick your recently married friends' brains - what a resource! 3. Do what you want to do in your wedding. We might've had some flexibility in that we aren't religious, we paid for the wedding ourselves and we have parents who let us do whatever we wanted. We're extremely happy about all of our decisions and our guests liked the uniqueness of the wedding. This leads to ... 4. Prioritize. What does having a candy buffet mean to you? Can you afford it? Do you want to spend the time to put it together or find a vendor to do it? I went through this thought process often. I would've loved to had the photobooth but wasn't sure. There were also plenty of DIY things that I cut out or hired a vendor to do it or found the easiest, acceptable way of doing it. Which also leads to ... 5. Your guests won't miss what's not there. Don't want favors? Don't do them. Your guests won't really mind.