Jun 01, 2013

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I am sure that many of you have felt that incredible moment when you realized that your significant other was "the one". As cliched and corny as this may sound, I knew right away.

Richard and I lived in the same town, knew the same people, and attended the same schools for a huge part of our lives; however we never really met until college. We belong to two organizations that attended the 2008 Homecoming together. That week, his fraternity and my sorority worked countless hours to build a float that represented the Aggies and rock'n'roll. But Rick and I spent lots of time flirting. It was obvious to everyone but him that there was chemistry. I knew that we had a spark but decided to play innocent. My roommate insisted there was something there and so did his best friend but Rick and I tried our best to act cool.

It wasn't until a week and a half later, feeling challenged, that Rick finally kissed me. It was a cold, breezy November 10th and my foot-popped. We became official the following day and I have been blessed to have him by my side for almost three years.

I was blessed to have him take the time and consideration to ask my dad for my hand, even after we have been living together for two years (of course Dad said yes!). Later that night, Rick asked the most important question of my life, "Will you marry me?". And here I am, crying as I remember all our great times, summed up in one amazing question.