Jun 06, 2014

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My name is shannon and my fiance's name is pete. We met through my cousin sara. I just got out of a really bad relationship and moved in with my cousin. One night we wanted to do midnight bowling so she asked some of her friends to go with us and one of them happen to be pete. At the time pete was dating someone but he says it was over with he just needed a reason to end it. We were having so much fun he didnt pay any attention to his g/f that night we were talking all night just goofing around. We had a connection right away. We left and I never asked for his number and he didnt ask for mine,like I said he had a girl at the time.

 Days went by and finally I asked my cousin for his number and I texted him just said hi and who I was and from there we talked everyday just getting to know each other. Finally he broke up with his g/f and I want to say couple of months after we met we started to date. Then like about 4 months into dating we moved in with each other. The rest is history!!!