May 06, 2012

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I really love makeup, and I'm definitely digging these looks. . . I can't decide on which one I like the best sooooooo I figure I'll use one for the wedding day, one for an engagement shoot, and one for a budoir shoot (eeeeeeeek, I need to hit the gym!) So many make up inspirations, so few occasions to use them!  :-)

I think these looks would be great for a budoir shoot.                       Makeup Inspiration photo 1

Makeup Inspiration photo 2    Makeup Inspiration photo 3Makeup Inspiration photo 4   

I like these for an engagement shoot.

Makeup Inspiration photo 5Makeup Inspiration photo 6Makeup Inspiration photo 7       

And, one of these for the big day!                                            Makeup Inspiration photo 8

Makeup Inspiration photo 9      Makeup Inspiration photo 10


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Roderic and I met as young children in elementary school. We became fast friends as we were already acquaintances at our local church. Our friendship grew over the years until I had to move suddenly in 5th grade because my grandmother became ill. Roderic and I still thought of each other fondly although we lived in different cities, and never saw each other again. That is until we both went away to college. Unbeknownst to each other, we’d both decided on the University of Alabama. During freshmen orientation on the quad, in a crowd of thousands, we spotted each other and instantly all of the wonderful childhood memories we shared came rushing back. Our friendship was rekindled, and it continued throughout college. After graduation however, we lost touch as Roderic moved to Texas for a short while. Then one day in the spring of 2008, just a few weeks after our birthdays (we were born exactly 15 days apart :-), I received a message from Rod via Facebook of all things! We made plans to meet up for our first official date soon after (dinner and seats at Godspell). From then on we were a couple. Then in August of 2010 Rod asked my parents for their permission to marry me. Afterwards Rod promptly surprised me with a sweet and heartfelt proposal. We both feel truly blessed to have found friendship and unconditional love with each other. We sincerely believe that when two people are meant to be together, that no matter how much time or space separates; they will be together in the end.