Nov 18, 2011

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My oldest niece 7 yrs old had a very special job of carring the train of my dress. She did an awesome job not only up and down the isle but thru the entire outdoor venue. She is so sweet, I just love this picture!

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I love making cakes so our Wedding Cake is really important to me and I want it to be a focal point. Everyone is asking me who is making my cake and they're not suprised when I say I'm doing it myself.


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We had the HARDEST time finding a venue. I wanted something different. I did not want a golf course or a hotel. I felt like we were very limited because of our budget and we also only had 5 months to plan! I wanted a small-ish wedding with just our closest family and friends. FI wanted everyone there! We compromised...kinda :-)

The venue we decided on is in the desert, in the middle on nowhere and I LOVE it! I wanted people to think "where the heck are they taking us?" and when they arive "OH, Wow! I didn't know this was here"

and the pics...


The Ceremony site:

Our Venue photo 1


Cocktail hour on the patio:

Our Venue photo 2


The 2 acre Lagoon:

Our Venue photo 3

Our Venue photo 4 


The dance floor goes out over the water:

Our Venue photo 5


Dinner under the covering:

Our Venue photo 6


Misc pics:

Our Venue photo 7

Our Venue photo 8

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We often go toDisneylandfor date-night. We have dinner, walk around and watch the fireworks. It’s a romantic place for us. Miguel had been so busy working crazy hours that we hadn’t had a date-night in a few months. I was itching to go but didn’t want to push it because I knew how much he’d been working. I guess he noticed that we needed a day together so he said we could spend Sunday together (fathers day). Sunday comes and I asked him on the way to church where he wanted to go for lunch and he said 'Disneyland.' Awww…really? I was surprised because he works graveyard and I knew he was dead tired. We went and had a good time. I could tell he was acting different but I figured it was just because he was tired. Somehow he convinced me to take a picture in front of the castle and when we did he got down on one knee…I cried and everyone cheered and clapped. It was such a special moment. He had planned it out so that we had friends waiting for us. They were watching and snapping pictures. After the rush of the ring and the kiss we went over to the Blue Bayou where he had made reservations. We had a nice romantic dinner and stared at my ring. It was a perfect day!  

The day I d been waiting for photo 1

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Ok, here goes. My name is Lindsey and I’m from sunny Southern California. I have been dreaming about my wedding since….well, since about a month after I started dating my FI. We’ve been together 3 ½ years now and finally engaged!  I found PW while I was searching the internet for wedding venues. Somehow I ended up on someone’s blog looking at pictures of this wedding and reading all about how it came together and it mentioned that she bought linens from a PW bride. Anyhow, I thought that was such a clever idea and I wanted to know what kind of great deals I could find so I looked up PW and found Project Wedding! JACKPOT!!