Oct 11, 2008

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Shawn had planned a weekend getaway for us in Calistoga, CA before he had to leave on a business trip the following week.  We had never stayed in Calistoga, and never really made it up there any time we went wine tasting.  We would always start in Napa or Yountville intending to make it to Calistoga, but I think we had only made it to one or two wineries anytime in the past.  This time Shawn thought we needed to start up there and see what Calistoga had to offer.  He got us a town car for the day.  He did not know exactly where he was going to propose.  He and the driver had talked about a few locations.  Early in the day we were at Chateau Montelena.  It is a beautiful Chateau with a lake and bridges going over the lake.  Shawn decided it would be perfect.  While I was completing our wine club application, he told the driver this was it.  Shawn had me come outside with him to take a look at the lake and feed the ducks.  While we were standing on the bridge with the beautiful scenery and feeding bread to ducks, a swan and finally a turtle, Shawn took something out of his pocket, got down on one knee and started saying the most amazing things to me.  I was stunned, so when he said, "will you marry me," my initial response was, "are you serious"?  After he told me he was serious a few times, I said, "yes, of course".  Of course I was crying.  It was so perfect, so amazing and so romantic.  

The Proposal photo 1          The Proposal photo 2

Here are a few of our engagement photos by Briana Marie Photography.  This is not the day he proposed, but they are taken at Chateau Montelena.  The 2nd picture is the actual spot where he proposed w/ the ducks and swan.  


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Shawn and I met at UC Davis.  I had finished school, but was still living in Davis.  Shawn was finishing school and looking for a place for he and his dog to live.  My other roommate Sacha and I were looking for a third roommate.  Shawn convinced us to let him come look at our house as he really needed a place that would take his dog.  We were not really thinking about a male roommate, nor a third dog since between Sacha and I we already had 2.  After we met him and his dog, Cleo, we decided to give it a try.  I thought Shawn and Sacha might make a cute couple.  Things turned out a little different, and Shawn and I started dating a few months later instead.  We have been together ever since, about 9 years now.