Jan 05, 2013

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Enagement pics photo 1Enagement pics photo 2 Enagement pics photo 3

Enagement pics photo 4 Enagement pics photo 5

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Enagement pics photo 9 


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This is my venue!

Its an old plantation home. My Venue photo 1

Back Porch This is where we will have dancing!

My Venue photo 2

(I will have candles hanging from the trees)

And the ceremony will be in the middle of the 2 trees!






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I once heard a quote saying we see our significant other multiple times before you ever meet each other. You could pass each other on the side of the road, in the grocery store and somehow not meet each other years later. Me and my Fiance Jason went to the same school together for years but because of the age difference we never really met each other. Which you may not think thats a big of a deal but we went to a school that had a max of 200 students grades k-12th. So basically when i was in elementary school he was almost too highschool. Sure we had heard of each other but we never really knew each other. I moved to another state in highschool and traveled around the world a bit before i decided to move back to my hometown for college. Where i then met him. Id heard stories of him. So the night i met him he and his buddy drive up to my friends house to hang out. To say the least i was not impressed. He ignored me because he thought i was snooty and i ignored him cause he was ignoring me. Well he soon kept asking me out on dates and i kept refusing. Id dated the bad guys and i wasnt going down that road again. But he kept persisting and i told him hed have to clean up if he wanted a shot. So he quit drinking and we started dating. And we now live together. He is everything i didnt think existed in a man. I always joke that since i always fall for the bad guy he had to trick me to make me think he was bad so that id give him a chance. I always thought everytime i moved around the world that maybe i would meet my prince charming. Who would have thought that id have to come back to my small hometown to meet Mr. Right!