Nov 01, 2012

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We still aren't sure where we'd like it to be (which is a problem because that pretty much determines all your decor, invitations, attire, etc.) Here's a list of some places we're considering...

  1. The Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, Biloxi
I LOVE the Beau for many reasons. First, the coast is a lot of fun.. there's a lot for our guests to do! Especially for my family who has to travel 1000 miles. Inside the Beau itself is a casino, spa and salon, restaurants, a golf course, concerts and a nightclub, shopping, arcade, a pool, plus... it's right on the beach!!! Perfect for beachy wedding photos, yes? :) They have 3 different ballrooms and onsite catering, plus they would help coordinate and plan the event. I think it's just perfect, but FI needs convincing, probably because it's going to be a weeee-bit expensive ;)
Venue photo 1
Venue photo 2
I think Canebrake is super beautiful and it's convenient.. FI and I live literally 15 minutes away! Plus some of my family already lives in that neighborhood, so it's super easy for them. It's surrounded by picturesque, gorgeous homes (professional football and baseball players live there, but I probably shouldn't say who!;)) The only thing about Canebrake is that guests will have to drive or have transportation to and from the hotels, whereas at the Beau it's all in the same place. Canebrake does have some nice amenities though, such as event coordinating. However, our guests wouldn't really be able to utilize the pool, etc. because they are there for a wedding and wouldn't be staying there.
Venue photo 3 Venue photo 4 Venue photo 5Venue photo 6
3. The Crawford House, Hattiesburg
Not a lot of info on this one yet, but FI loves it!
Venue photo 7 Venue photo 8
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I love the idea of FI wearing a dark chocolate 3 piece suit, or a tan suit, for the wedding. I think chocolate is more "fall" but I LOVE the look of tan. However, my BM's will be tan so I'm not sure if that's weird? We'll also be taking pictures on the beach (hopefully!) so tan would look gorgeous!

BM and grooms attire photo 1 

I'm still trying to decide on what the groomsmen should wear.. I want FI look different from his GM's since I look different from my BMs (obviously), but usually the men seem to match. Maybe different colored ties or dress shirts? I'm kind of thinking something along the lines of this ---> But is it too casual? I feel this is right down the GMs alley. I can definitely do without the hats, though ;)

BM and grooms attire photo 2 


Now for the BM's....

I absolutely ADORE the tan dresses with a white hydrangea bouquet. Luckily, hydrangeas ARE in season for november eekk! I am flip flopping on whether or not I like the mismatched BM look. I've always though they would be mismatched because everyone has a different body shape so I wanted to cater to that, but I love the look of long, flowing dresses and that pulled together/coordinated look. *sighhh* what to do..

And I totally adore boho style hair.. braids and long, flowing locks

BM and grooms attire photo 3   

I love these knitted pashminas for BM's to cover up with!

Essie nail polish in "Very Cranberry" for BM's


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Our wedding will be in November, possibly a few days before Thanksgiving so that guests who have to travel can have an extra special vacation.

I'm really struggling to come up with a color pallette for fall because I've always loved the idea of having a spring wedding. However, if we wanted to wait for a spring wedding then it would need to be in 2013, and FI and I don't want to wait that long!

I am starting to warm up to a fall wedding. I absolutely LOVE fall (I'm from vermont) and all the colors are incredible. I think it would be exciting to bring a "real fall" to mississippi, because they certainly don't have the same experience with it as us northerners do! ;) 

That's why I'll probably pick 1 or 3 as the main colors.


Possible color pallettes and Inspiration photo 1

Possible color pallettes and Inspiration photo 2 This may be too spring-y.

Possible color pallettes and Inspiration photo 3


And now for some inspiration....

Color pallettes and Inspiration photo 1 Color pallettes and Inspiration photo 2 

I would love the ceremony to look like this... very romantic with soft lighting and candles. And of course, gotta love that guys reaction ;)

Color pallettes and Inspiration photo 3 

Mason jars! Hang the jars with wire, then fill with string lights along a length of rope or clothes line. Festive, yeah?

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So.. I am kind of a perfectionist. And especially when it comes to my wedding, I am very detail oriented and feel like certain projects cannot be trusted outside my hands (I'm a freak, right?). These are some projects I'm going to attempt. Good thing I have a year of planning ahead of me.



  • STD & E-pics -- ask a friend with a nice camera :)
  • Create monogram
  • Save the Date magnets
  • Formal invitations
  • Thank you notes
  • Bridesmaids proposals
  • Favors
  • Groom's Day-of Survival kit
  • "Tears of joy"
  • Water bottles w/ personalized monogram
  • Programs, not in-detail, just introduce bridal/groom parties, thank you note, etc.
  • "You don't have to pick sides, sit wherever you'd like" sign
  • Table numbers w/ meaning -- ex. "Table 5, day we met in May"
  • Cards for each table -- table number correlates w/ an anniversary, ex: table 12 writes a note in the card for us to read on our 12 year anniversary and so on
  • "Come as you are, stay as long as you can, we're all family, so no seating plan" sign
  • Centerpieces -- glitter pumpkins, glitter pinecones, acorns, lanterns, mason jars w/ scentless candles
  • Card box
  • "I Spy" cards at dinner tables for guests to take photos of w/ polaroids
  • Guestbook -- either have puzzle pieces to put together in a frame or write on a picture mat to put over a wedding photo w/ all guests
  • "Guest libs" for guests to fill out and leave for newlyweds to read
  • Vows sign for dessert table or bride/groom table
  • "Mr. & Mrs. -- and they lived happily ever after sign" for bride/groom table
  • Important dates in picture frame (met, said I love you, starting dating, proposal, wedding date)
  • Chalkboard dinner menu
  • Wine bottle lights
  • Solar lights w/ candles
  • Epsom salt luminaries w/ candles
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Hey ladies! I am happy to finally announce... boyfriend and I are getting engaged in the near future! He told about a week ago to start looking at rings so he can propose the "right" way (I would marry him if he put a piece of string on my finger, just saying!)

As of now, we're looking at a November 2012 date, just not sure of the actual day. This gives us exactly a year to plan, which I'll definitely need if I'm doing all those DIY projects!

I would love to have you as a friend on here, so feel free to add me :)

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John and I met in May 2010 through a mutual friend. I was in college and had just finished my sophomore year and was going home (1000 miles away!) the next morning. My last night there I went out with my girlfriend, and she bumped into John while we were there. They talked for a minute and then she introduced us. We only talked for a few minutes before me and her decided to go outside. We left that night and I didn't really think anything of our encounter.

3 days later I was sitting at home when I got a text. It was from John! I didn't have his number and I guess our friend gave him mine. We ended up texting nonstop for days before he called me. After that first call, we talked about 3 times per day for hours. We wanted to spend face time with each other but unfortunately I was at home for the summer... another 3 months! We decided to keep things casual and to see where things went once I got back to school.

Well, "keeping things casual" didn't work! After about 1 month of talking, we decided we weren't going to date anyone else. Then, after talking for only 2 months, John told me he loved me for the first time. I wanted him to wait in person to say it (but he couldn't!) and of course I felt the same way, but the relationship was progressing so fast that I got scared. I tried calling it off (I've been hurt in past relationships) but John wouldn't give up. I ended up telling him I loved him too, about 3 weeks later! 

So the 3 months passed and FINALLY I was heading back for my junior year of college. Unfortunately we had to wait a few more days to see each other (ughh) but once we did finally get to see each other it was SO worth the wait. He walked up to me with the biggest smile on his face and he just hugged me. Then we shared out first kiss. It was magical.

It seemed so surreal -- here is this guy I "know" yet we had only spent a few minutes together in person. I love that our relationship grew organically and at its own pace. He's the first person I've ever loved and I know he loves me more than anything.

I don't know how many times I can say it, but when it's true love -- you just know! FI and I knew after about 2 weeks. If I could have married him after 2 weeks I would have. We waited 3 months, so we can wait for just about anything.

I'm so lucky to have found my best friend!!!


A Little Bit About Us

Abby is a student majoring in English and Advertising, and graduates with her bachelor's in May 2012. She works part-time on campus. Her favorite food is mac&cheese, mexican, or chinese. She loves date nights with her boyfriend and loves his silly sense of humor!

John works offshore and is gone for 3 weeks at a time! :( He was in the army for a few years as a weapons specialist until he got injured and had to be sent home. He likes to play golf and work on cars. He can fix practically anything! He loves cuddling up and watching movies with his girlfriend (after she makes his favorite dessert - cheesecake!)