Jul 11, 2007

Rockstar Photobooth/Photo booth
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My sister and I booked Rockstar Photo Booth for my brother's wedding as a wedding gift. Chris from Rockstar was extremely responsive and helpful, and on the day of the wedding, they brought two awesome attendants. One attendant helped guests use the booth, and the other attendant helped guests create a scrapbook page for the bride and groom. Rockstar also provided a lot of fun props (hats, giant glasses, blow up toys) that guests definitely made good use of. My brother and his new wife walked away that night with a great scrapbook/memento of their wedding. Also, on the Monday after the wedding (which was on a Saturday), all the photo booth pictures were already posted online and accessible to wedding guests (they can download original images for free)! I have been to one other wedding that had a photo booth, and compared to that company, Rockstar was far better in a few aspects. The other photo booth company brought one attendant, but he was never around. They set up a table for guests to create scrapbook pages, but because no one attended that table, far fewer guests created a page. Props were provided, but they were meager and because the attendant was missing, no one used them. Lastly, the photobooth pictures were not accessible online for guests. One thing I'm a little torn about is the booth itself. In the Rockstar booth, you can see the back corners of the booth in the pictures, which looks a little cheap. However, unlike the other booth I have seen, the Rockstar booth has a seat just like traditional photo booths which is a big plus when taking pictures with children (since they can sit in your lap). Overall, based on the fabulous people and service provided by Rockstar, I would highly recommend them!
Services used: Rentals & Photobooths