Mar 16, 2013

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On May 23rd, Scott was visiting Tulsa (where I was working at a minor league baseball team). We had a game that day and he decided to come. Before the game started, I went to sit in the stands with him. He told me that a crazy redhead had asked him to do a word scramble promotion. He told me he was nervous (he's a HORRIBLE speller) and told me to come sit down near him while he was on the dugout. At the bottom of the 2nd inning I sat a few rows back while he climbed onto the dugout. The MC asked if he was ready to play word scramble. He said no. The MC then said what do you mean no. He turned towards me and said there's something I have to do first. I was crying and shaking so hard that I didn't even say yes. I just stuck out my hand. Luckily the team caught it all on video so I can laugh at myself over and over.

The proposal on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhKT79uogF0


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Scott and I met almost 2 years ago when we were both interns at a minor league baseball team. Initially I thought he was older so when I found our he was only 18 I insisted we would only be friends. After the end of the first homestand, we were doing a little celebrating and I soon became under the weather. Scott graciously took care of me. I soon decided he deserved a chance. We hung out at his house and played rockband for 2 hrs with his mom. Later that night we sat at the top of his driveway under the stars. We played 20 questions and it was then that I knew we would be together forever.

 Us right after we first started dating (at our internship):