Jul 01, 2006

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Gourmet Fine Catering
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
To all brides out there, I cannot urge you strongly enough NOT to use Gourmet Fine Catering in Denver. They made my event a disaster that still pains me today. Here are only SOME of the things that took place:

1, Food display looked nothing like we had arranged with our planner. It was tropical so we had agreed on fruits and flowers surrounding the food trays but instead we got drab white platters with not even a garnish.
2, Staff was not set up in time with passed appetizers and drinks on the lawn, so everyone went inside an hour early (the cocktail hour was to take place on the lawn).
3, Catering staff did not put out the sauce for the chicken; my mom went to ask for it and they brought it out eventually . . without a serving spoon.
4, DJ announced cake cutting twice, myself and groom standing there, the crowd was gathered around and it became apparent that no one from Gourmet was going to bring a cake knife/server, photographer had to go back to the kitchen for it.
5, Gourmet staff arranged the ceremony chairs on the lawn such that I had to walk in front of my Dad down the aisle.
6, Bartenders said they were out of specialty drink when there were gallons of it in the kitchen.
7, Wasted hundreds on glassware rental that wasn't used because bartenders brought out plastic.

I'm grateful for the many wonderful memories I have from our wedding day, but also often think of all the embarrassing moments that happened because of Gourmet Catering's complete carelessness. The planner we had met with multiple times to arrange the details didn't even stop by our wedding! It seems there was a bigger (more expensive) event happening the same day and so we got the "B" staff. They knew nothing of what we had planned and beyond that, showed very poor quality of service. Please don't even think of having Gourmet Catering host your wedding or other important event!! One final note, I later learned our local consumer bureau rating: F (if only I had checked).
Services used: Catering