Nov 10, 2012

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We met at a Scottish Games in May '08 and met again at another one that September. (He was married at the time.)  We didn't see each other again until June '09 at a friend's costume birthday party.  I was dressed as a wicked step-sister and he was in full pirate garb.  ("He was a pirate, I was a lady, you know the story...)  We spent the evening getting to know each other better.  (I found out he was no longer married, however, he was in a long distance relationship.)  Here's where the "balloon story" comes in.

In the middle-ish of the party my friend comes to me and says "I forgot to pick up the balloons!  Will you go get them for me?"  (She was dressed as a fairy and she couldn't fit the wings in the car.)  "Of course" I say.  "Just let me go get my keys and wallet."  The pirate pops in with "I'll drive!" and I say "Sure" not having to get keys and wallet and out the front door we go.  We get in his truck and head to the party store.  We get there and right away I see the balloon bouquet that we're there to pick up.  "I heard about you guys" came from the young man at the counter.  (Now don't forget, I'm in a ball-gown and he's in full pirate gear.)  I then heard "nice costume" and he turns and says "what costume?  I dress like this all the time!"  And out we go, me with a fist full of balloons.  We get out to the truck and then I realize - how are we going to get these in his truck?  He's driving a Ford Ranger and we have 13 ballons fully loaded to get inside!  I hand him the balloons and get in then he hands them back.  They completely fill up the front of the truck all around me.  He gets in and we start laughing!  He can't see out the passenger side window because it's full of balloons!  (None of them wanted to go in that tiny space behind the seats.)  After a full 5 minutes of laughing he starts up the truck and we go back to the party.  I'm doing my best to hold the balloons down so he can drive the mile or so back to my friend's house.  We get back and he gets the truck parked.  He opens my door and expects the balloons to bob out one at a time.  Nope, he's got to get hold of the strings and pull and they all jump out at once!  (More laughter ensues...)  We laugh as we walk back up to the house, go inside and nobody is there - everyone is out on the patio.  We go through the house and out the back, I thrust the balloons at my friend and we both burst into laughter again.

At the end of the night he asked me to walk him out to his truck and he kissed me.  It was one of those Hollywood movie type kisses - his arms around me and the wind was blowing my hair toward him and my skirt around his legs.  I couldn't help it, I started giggling.  He asked me why I was giggling.  When I gold him he gave a big hearty laugh and kissed me again.

Our "first date" was a week later.  I asked him to see live comedy with me.  A week later he went to see the one he was "dating" across the country.  I didn't expect to hear from him during the 10 days he was gone.  He called me every day but one.  His plane got in pretty late the night he got back.  He was at my house the next day.  He was at my house a lot during the next month so I asked him to move in with me.  (His living arrangements were temporary, mine are more permanent.)

Fast forward to February 2010.  We arranged to have Valentine's weekend in Carmel, CA.  We spent our day there at the beach and looking around the cute little "downtown".  That night before dinner he proposed!  So it was more than just a romantic dinner we had that night.  It was sometime during the next week when we chose our wedding date and now we're in the year it's going to happen! 

Our rings

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Wedding Date:  November 10, 2012

Wedding Location:  Camp Richardson Resort, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Wedding party:  has been chosen and attire has been discussed (all dresses have arrived)

Invitations: have been mailed!

Bride's attire:  dress, undergarments, shoes, and jewelry have been purchased (thinking of making a new beaded necklace and possibly a bracelet), stole - handmade 

Groom's attire:  kilt, shoes and sporran have been purchased. 

Florist:  has been booked

Officiant:  has been booked, vows and ceremony have been written

Photographer:  has been booked and confirmed

Venue:  has been booked and deposit made

Cakes:  have been ordered and paid for!
Cake topper: Alternate cake topper has been purchased.  Now original cake topper is supposedly being sent.

Caterer:  booked

table centerpieces: have been made and will double as favors, labels have been made, maybe tweaking the look a bit...

table place settings:  have been purchased; champagne glasses have been purchased and linens will be rented

Music:  list has been made, still uploading songs and need to put songs in order (have tablet)

Day-of Coordinator:  has been booked

Honeymoon:  (first week) cruise has been booked and paid, flight has been booked and paid, hotel for first night has been reserved.  (second week) Disney World, FL - we have booked the package deal and it has been paid.

Engagement pics have been taken!