Aug 03, 2013

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I have three Angels in my life, three ladies that leave no doubt that they will be my friends forewer and I had so much fun asking tham to be my briesmaids. One teared up, was trembling and smiling from ear to ear :) The other was sreamming like creazy and the third one did know it for years and is just incredibly excited :)

So here is the dresses they orderd:


Soft Mesh Bustier-Kleid COLLECTION - Esprit Online-Shop

Its a really dark blue. You can wear it strapless too and the girls will wear these boleros:

All of them are beautifull,blonde, and light skined :) I am the only dark one in the crowd :)


I thought about buing them jewelery and clutches and making wrist coursages with just a few flowers instead of bouquets.

THe clotches I got for  6 Euro each, I made them wrist corsages out off nice pearl bracelets (2.99 € each) and a fabric hydragendea (6 € The hydragendea was big enoug to decorate all 3 corsages and I still have some left)

And the jewellery I bought from 1saleaday.com (well my lovely FI did :)


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I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT MY DRESS :) Its real silk and costs about 300Euro. My budget for my dress was under 100... (at first I wanted to use a dress I allready had but FI and Perents encouraged me to get a new one because its a special day and you can only selebrate it once in your life. I got It on sale for 93 Euro and their was only one size left (I orderd it in england and I had NO Idea what size would fit me. And it happened to fit me perfectly :) I am almost more excited about the state ceremony than the wedding because I am allmost done with planning it :)




i will have a bouget of babys breath (nice and inecpensive ;)





and i will put some of the flowers into my hair but I dont know yet how i will have them





bridal party hair updos source

http://media-cache-ec2.pinterest.com/upload/54113632992748705_8a9MgKo1_b.jpg source http://media-cache0.pinterest.com/upload/9781324160817928_0ICDO7IS_b.jpg source

state wedding attire photo 1



and for him a little bout (its so easy to llok handsome ;)




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where i live you can not get legally married in the church so we will have a ceremony ón a diffrent day than our wedding:)

As far as i plan it we will have the ceremony in this room:





later we will have a something to eat and drink in this room with family and some close friends.


Das Cafe Auszeit in der Immanuelgemeinde lädt ein

Der Innenraum des Cafe Auszeit

i plan on putting those tables together and decorating with lots of wine and sect glases filled with babys breath


http://media-cache-ec5.pinterest.com/upload/91620173639980249_cejDODDh_b.jpg http://wanderingmist.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/centerpiece-dried-flowers-t.jpghttp://iloveswmag.com/newblog/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Southern-wedding-babys-breath-centerpieces.jpg  http://shelikesruffles.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/cjl_2282.jpg


We had to change our date for getting married from August the 17th to the Third of August.

The location we would have liked to have for our legal state wedding has only a few available dates each year and no one befor the 9th of august so we had to find something else.

So here is what we came up with:

Standesamt - Trausaal


Standesamt Aussenansicht

So this is the place were the ceremony hopefully will be :)

And the affortable italian restaurant were we could get a buffet for only 9,99 per Person (what is incradible cheap in germany) is only 4 min away, and we will be walking throug the beautiful downtown of a small little town :)




We are both sooooooooooo excited :)


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Ladies I never showed you my ring: 


And I love it so much!!! So I just took a few minutes to take pics (im not a photografer obviously ;)


My Engagement Ring 3 photo 1


Ladies I never showed photo 3411156-2


Ladies I never showed photo 3411156-3


Ladies I never showed photo 3411156-4




My FI saw it online and imidiatly thought it was perfect.


We have a long distance relationship and befor we officaly became a couple things where so hard and it looked like we would never come together.


Even before we startet our relationship he told me: "It looks like we are both going on our own way in life but Im shure someday God will make our paths become one so that we can go together."


For many month I thought of this words when I got discouraged and the moment I saw the ring he pict I thought about the two ways finally meeting :)


I told him and he was so suprised, he didnt think about it when picking the ring at all :)


In Germany engagement rings are not that important and are mostly silver with a little stone. Just zirkonia stones, when he told me that my ring is wite gold with 17 real diamonds I thought he was kidding :)


He is a student with no money at all :) And he had to pay 100$ to get it resized to fit my finger, cause the two center stones have a gap between them and its hard to change the size without ruining the ring :)

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Hey Ladies, 


I love little vintage,little antique and simple looking stuff and the vases that I could rent for my wedding where nice but so not what I was looking for. So I bought vases in the shape that I liked at a dollar store:


1 € for the smaler ones, 4€for the bigger ones.


so 100€ for 40 Vases aka 20 Centerpieces. I love white or cream colored Vases but they would have costet me at least 10€ oer Vase...


So I decided to spray paint them :)


This is how they turned out (with just some random flowers that I used to decored the table) and a little from the process


Hey Ladies I love photo 3411183-1


Hey Ladies I love photo 3411183-2


Hey Ladies I love photo 3411183-3


Hey Ladies I love photo 3411183-4




The first vase I painted with a expensive color and tried to giv the hole vase an even cover. But the color was only enogh for one and a half Vases and I understood that doing it that way would cost my WAY to much money, so I bought cheap spray paint from a store for cunstruction supplies and gave the Vases only a light cover of paint. It saved me a lot of money and they look even more old and "vintagy" ;)


Hey Ladies I love photo 3411183-5 


Here is a mock up with the table linens that I am going to rent for the wedding. I colected different picture frames that will be on the table with diffrent pics of FI and myself inside. Its hard to see but the fabric under the senterpices is light blue. The Vases will vontane Flowers and the Glases around them swimming candles and water.






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brasilien choklate-milkgirl-cups :)