Sep 22, 2012

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Sooooo, I am very pleased to announce that I have bought my dress!  Like all gushing brides, I love it!  The experience was not as I had pictured it to be. Although, equally rewarding. I had the pleasure to look for my dress with one of my bridesmaids (and best friends) while I took a brief four day trip to Miami. I had always pictured looking for dresses to be a massive event with all my friends, mom and sister. But, like most things I have found about planning my wedding so far - the way you imagine it and the way media makes weddings out to be isn´t really what it is. I had a wonderful time shopping and trying on dresses and my friend and her sister were SUCH a big help!!

We only went to three stores. So, in total, I think I have only ever tried on a dozen dresses. But, when I tried "the" dress on, I knew right away (and so did my friend and her sister!). I felt so comfortable, happy and freeto be myself. Not like some of the others that made me feel like ...let´s see, what did I reference while trying on dresses "a cake topper", "drowning in material", "wearing a condom" (Yes, believe it or not, I did say that.  The girl in the dress store told me that was a first ever!!). I must say, the experience was not always pleasurable and a lot of the time I felt very uncomfortable.  But, like I mentioned above, it was well worth it to find this dress and to have the memories to share with one of my best friends.

I was nervous about telling my mom and sister that I had bought the dress. I was worried they would feel hurt that they couldn´t be there. But, I explained to them the restrictions of living 13 hours away, with no vacation time and no planned "next visit".  They FULLY understood and were ecstatic to see the dress. I think their reaction and level of excitement made me that much happier and pleased. I felt as though the last little bit of uncomfort over the whole deal was ridded and I was free to be the lovely fluffy dress wearing bride!!!!  

Now the waiting game is on. I get it anywhere between 3 to 6 months....and I CAN´T wait!  I hope it fits, I hope I like it, I hope I can get to the store to pick it up (it is only an 8.5 hour flight.. so I really should stop complaining)! I am lucky that my friends sister (who is an EXCELLENT wedding planner, may I add) has offered to help me out with the pickup!  

I will post a picture of the dress. I was not allowed to take one of me in it, so I can only post the one online. Warning, I am not as tall and skinny as the model in the dress, nor am I as boring and beautiful. But, I am happy, excited and in love!







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This is my first post!! I am so excited to join Project Wedding!

My fiance and I have FINALLY picked a date after being engaged for 1 year!!  I am looking forward to starting the planning but the date is still so far away - Sept 22, 2012.  

Since we will be getting married in Ottawa, Canada but are living full time in Santiago, Chile it makes the process a bit different than what I expected. I think it may be more difficult and am a little bit nervous about not being able to have a hands on touch. I have always dreamed of having my best friends and family around during the planning process. Although living away from home means they cannot be here physically, I know they will still be involved in many different ways for the journey!  

I look forward to the next year and a bit! My biggest hope is that everyone I love is involved and has fun!  I need to get going on this. I have been a little bit slow to plan - a calendar with to-do´s is a MUST!