May 26, 2012

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1 year before the W day                                                       6 months before the W day

   save the date photo 1             save the date photo 2

and the film




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A friend did the drawings and I'm in love (with the drawings not the friend ;)

In france the tradition is simples invitations with only one big and a RSVP card ... so here it is (sorry it's in french but you get the idea!)





the sentence in the heart says : "I don't know where I'm going but I feeling better holding your hand"

and the rsvp!(a bit empy without the personal stuff)


There will be a scratching sticker in the circle (top right) and people will discover "gagne" meaning "won"!!


So exited!!!!

they're done and sent!!!





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So I'm a bit crafty so i'm trying to do some DIY projects for the wedding!

Favors and menus

it's going to be a "candy" theme so of course the favors are....candies

wedding favors photo 2



Sewing kits



DIY "mint to be"








 Bridesmaid's hair clips     


Bridesmaid's earrings!!!


BM' kits and tote bag







photobooth props 



the signs



some badges


Water bottle labels


the candy cardbox

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The D day is 26 May 2012!! ok still really far far away!!) > OMG soooo close!!!!

It's going to be in Brittany (France)

the venue:

Le manoir de Keringant    

     the wedding photo 1    


the bridal room, where we'll spend our wedding night

          Album : _DSC1319.jpg  Album : _DSC1315.jpg  Album : _DSC1334.jpg


We are planning to do an outside ceremony, which is uncommun in france (we have the civil ceremony in the cityhall and the religious one usually in a church etc...). We are not religious but we wanted to doa nice ceremony based on love that why we are doing this commitment ceremony even if it's not really ok with everyone...

here is my inspirations for the outdoor ceremony:


that should happen in this garden if the weather is kind to us

  under a cherry tree  


the reception is also there, here is the room without cover on the chairs


with cover 


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I bought this dress in october in the shop in front of my appartment. I felt in love with my dress so I tried only 4 others just to be sure and I bought it! 


It's a Mori Lee dress, voyage num 3659.

I was alone at the fitting but my friends have seen it now and they love it!!

I add a Pink ribbon because it's exactly like that that is my dream dress!!


my look               



and the shoes..... tadddaaaaaaaaaaaa

                  And some flats to dance!!           


the shoes with the dress:


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We choose the ring together... well it wasn't supposed to happen like that. We were just supposed to look at rings... but I felt in love with mine and so he bought it...

It's "chance of love" from Mauboussin and I love it because it's a four leaf-clover...It's my lucky charm!


                       the proposal the ring photo 1



He proposed in Niagara Falls summer 2011 (6 months after buying the ring)...just after fireworks (I'm a huge fan) and in front of the illuminated falls...

He was so stressed (usually he's really confient) and I think it was the detail that was really the most important to me!