May 23, 2009

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All pictures were taken by Tauran Woo (www.tauranphotography.com)  



Pro Pictures Teasers photo 1    Pro Pictures Teasers photo 2

Pro Pictures Teasers photo 3  Pro Pictures Teasers photo 4

Pro Pictures Teasers photo 5  Pro Pictures Teasers photo 6

Pro Pictures Teasers photo 7  Pro Pictures Teasers photo 8

Pro Pictures Teasers photo 9 Pro Pictures Teasers photo 10

Pro Pictures Teasers photo 11 Pro Pictures Teasers photo 12 

Pro Pictures Teasers photo 13  Pro Pictures Teasers photo 14

Pro Pictures Teasers photo 15 Pro Pictures Teasers photo 16

Pro Pictures Teasers photo 17 Pro Pictures Teasers photo 18  Pro Pictures Teasers photo 19

Pro Pictures Teasers photo 20 Pro Pictures Teasers photo 21

Pro Pictures Teasers photo 22 Pro Pictures Teasers photo 23

Pro Pictures Teasers photo 24 Pro Pictures Teasers photo 25

Pro Pictures Teasers photo 26 Pro Pictures Teasers photo 27

Pro Pictures Teasers photo 28 Pro Pictures Teasers photo 29

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Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 1
ceremony site

Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 2
Middle fountain w/ 100 gardenias

Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 3
pomanders hanging on the aisle

Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 4
Hubby walking in with his parents

Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 5
my mom getting escorted by the best man

Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 6Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 7
the FG tugging on the RB's arm & then the RB chucking the ring pillow... LOL

Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 8
Walking in my daddy

Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 9Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 10



Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 11
i'm a Mrs!!

Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 12
the wedding party

Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 13
my mom & dad

Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 14
the reception area

Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 15
The manzanita branch at the guestbook/placecard table

Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 16
our cupcake tower!

Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 17

Wedding Pictures nonpro photo 18


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I finally found my jewelry to complete my look for the day of!

My Bling for the Day photo 1
Bracelet from Claire's

My Bling for the Day photo 2
Earrings from a Kiosk in the mall

My Bling for the Day photo 3
Necklace from Nordstroms

::ON ME::

My Bling for the Day photo 4

My Bling for the Day photo 5

My Bling for the Day photo 6

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My sweet sweet bridal party threw me a intimate bridal shower at the Chado Tea Room in Pasadena. I orginally wasn't going to have a bridal shower since our wedding is a semi-destination wedding and I didn't want our guests to go broke after our wedding... (airfare/gas to SF, hotel, etc.) My bridal shower was w/ my bridal party, my mom, and my 3 childhood friends! It was the best!! :)

My Bridal Shower photo 1
My MOH and Kiwie

My Bridal Shower photo 2

My Bridal Shower photo 3
kudos & La

My Bridal Shower photo 4
The yummy food

My Bridal Shower photo 5
Group Shot!

Thank you MOH, BM M, BM B, for hosting such a lovely bridal shower! And thank you JLC for coming~! It meant a lot!! Love you all!! MWAH!

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Here are a couple pictures taken by our photog Tauran Woo. Pictures are taken in Old Town Pasadena and Hollywood + Highland! You can see the rest at www.xanga.com/tdaddie

E Pics by Tauran Woo photo 1


E Pics by Tauran Woo photo 2

E Pics by Tauran Woo photo 3

E Pics by Tauran Woo photo 4

E Pics by Tauran Woo photo 5


E Pics by Tauran Woo photo 6

E Pics by Tauran Woo photo 7

E Pics by Tauran Woo photo 8

E Pics by Tauran Woo photo 9

E Pics by Tauran Woo photo 10

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I decided to get my hair and makeup done for our Engagment photos in LA. I was referred to her by my MOH (who is another PW bride "August15bride"). I asked for smokey eyes and a romantic look and that's exactly what she gave me!! I felt so pretty going to the shoot! Definitely recommend her if you are looking for a MUA in the LA/OC area!

MU Hair for E pics by Kelly Zhang photo 1