Dec 31, 2017

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Hello to All My Beautiful Brides!!!!!!!!!!

Special offer for PW members: 5% of new orders Thru end of September

                           Kicking off Grand opening of Coco Sweetz Accessories 

If you have an idea but unable to complete, Feel free to shoot me an email at

                                                                      Let me see what I can do.

Are you looking for specific item to add a bit of colour to your reception table then, You’ve reached the right spot.

Below is a list of goodies you may be interested in, along with pictures. Again, let me know of your specific needs for your special day.

All items are hand-made by me.  I would prefer at least 4-6 weeks advanced notices of items need to complete your order. Pricing may vary depending on what items you request. Please allow adequate timing for shipping .

                                                       I look forward to working with all bride

I am able to prepare:

Bling or Gem Frames

 Bling, Painted, lace, fabric or design Votives

Designer picture holders

Elegant gift boxes

Bling chargers, etc

Coco Sweetz Accessories photo 1  Coco Sweetz Accessories photo 2  Coco Sweetz Accessories photo 3  Coco Sweetz Accessories photo 4 

Coco Sweetz Accessories photo 5  Coco Sweetz Accessories photo 6