Jun 15, 2012

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Ok so my venue already has hurricane candle holders that we can use.. so I am thinking of using those and obviously adding some flowers and votives.  I really want things to be simple because our venue is already so pretty, I don't want anything huge.  I know I want two different centerpieces, every other table will be different.  Also, I am going to do my own centerpiece for the Highboy Tables.  Here is what I have so far.. I think I want a mix of ivory and light purple rose petals sprinkled across the tables as well.

Centerpiece Ideas photo 1Centerpiece Ideas photo 2Centerpiece Ideas photo 3

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So for a long time I thought I wanted to do a lot of projects... and I am not saying they aren't beautiful, but I helped a fellow Bride before and I got really frustrated cause it took so much time, (I know, not the best BM aspect to have).  I helped her though and was happy to do it.  But I think for my own wedding, I am going to keep it down to a minimum.  Our venue takes care of a lot of things (i.e., centerpiece, table number, cake stand) and I am just going to do some little things.

  1. Card Box   -- My mom and her friend are doing this for me :)
  2. Invitations (most likely ordering from a company and printing them out myself) Just ended up ordering them from Davids Bridal for a FANTASTIC price for the quality!!  I didn't add anything just because of timing and $$
  3. HighBoy Table centerpieces  -- Just using what our venue provides
  4. Menu -- have the wording finalized, going to print it out on shimmer paper :)
  5. Signature Drink Frame
  6. In Memory Of candle and frame
  7. Seating Chart Poster
  8. Photo Booth Sign  used a free template -- not doing this anymore, really don't need it
  9. Monogram for Hotel Guest Bags -- used a free template again




Wish me luck ladies!! :)

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I really want all of my flowers to either be Lavender or Ivory... there is soo much navy already in the color scheme, so I gotta get my flowers to be delicate and pretty :)  I think one of these is from PW, so thank you to whoever uploaded it!!

Top Bridal Bouquet Pics

Flower Inspiration photo 1Flower Inspiration photo 2Flower Inspiration photo 3


And I am pretty sure this is exactly what I want for my Bridesmaids (the darker colored would be ivory or a lighter purple)

Flower Inspiration photo 4

MOB and MIL corsages

**thanks to DansMrs!!**

Some boutinerre ideas


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My two sisters, my two MOHs, tried on many many dresses and this one I chose just on a fluke at the same store we got my Bridal Gown from.  And they LOVED it!!  All of my girls are very happy with this, they all say its comfortable and its very flattering!!I just LOVE the color and how much it compliments my dress.  I plan on getting my sisters a brooch to add to the dress so they can stand out a little!!


BM Dresses photo 1

I just got their jewelry!!! Found them at a Jewelry show for GREAT prices!!!  So excited :)  Only my MOH's will be wearing the bracelets :)

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We were at a friends house for New Years Eve (one of my favorite holidays) and John was distant a good chunk of the night.  I didn't think anything about it, just figured he was busy socializing and telling everyone about our trip to Mexico that we just got back from.

Well, we all gathered in the living room to count down and during "10...9... 8" John was telling me how much he loved me and how much I mean to him.  Once again, I didn't think anything of it, just figured he was being sweet.  Then, at 1 he got down on one knee and simply asked "Will You Marry Me?"  I was REALLY shocked and the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "Are you serious?"  I had to put my drink down, said "yes, of course I would."  I kiss him and look up and EVERYONE is either videotaping it or taking pictures... all of our friends knew since Halloween!!  And when he wasn't around me during the night, it was because everyone wanted to see the ring!

Once I said yes and wiped the tears from my face, my parents then came over and were able to celebrate with us.  It was such a great night and something I will never forget.

The Proposal photo 1


The Proposal photo 2

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When we both walked into Boulder Ridge we both got the chills.  It is a very classy, yet comfortable venue that has a gorgeous ceremony space both outside and inside.  We will be having the ceremony outside, followed by cocktail hour, and then dinner.  I love it that we both fell in love with this place cause it was such an easy decision to make (and lets not forget the amazing bar package!! hehe).  Here are some pics!Our Gorgeous Venue photo 1Our Gorgeous Venue photo 2Our Gorgeous Venue photo 3