Jun 15, 2012

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Unity Wine Ceremony photo 1


In lieu of a Sand or Candle ceremony, the FI and I decided to do a Unity Wine Ceremony.  We both love wine and figured it would just be appropirate, especially cause we are not having a traditional ceremony.  There are traditional elements to it, but we are def having different passages and wordings used.  I will be pouring the white and he will be pouring the red, both of which are our favorite.

This is what our Minister is saying and I just cannot wait!

"We shall now perform a Unity Wine ceremony. The wine sharing ceremony is a delightful ceremony embracing traditions that began well before the medieval period. Then, a bride and groom would celebrate their pledge to each other by drinking wine from a single cup — one blood, one family and one kin. The wine ceremony we will perform today was written for John and Donna and is a visual representation of the joining of these two very special people.


John and Donna these two glasses of wine represent your individual spirits, your individual connections with God, all that you are and, all that you have been, and all that you will become. This (glass/goblet/challis) in the center is your marriage. The place where you are forever blending your lives together. It represents the joining of 2 spirits, 2 lives, 2 souls. Now you will each take your glass and pour into the center goblet. (Bride and Groom each pour about ½ of your individual glasses into the center one) As you do so, keep in mind the pledge you made to each other today. It is the pledge of the truth and purity of your every breath, the constant friendship of your hearts. The passion of your spirits and the deepest love your souls have to give. It is the pledge of all that is within you, the only true pledge that one heart can offer to another. You are now as Husband and Wife offering yourselves, and all that has come to pass unto each other, towards the creation of your future, and to all that is yet to come. Now your two individual lives are combined, like the two wines.  You are choosing to blend your lives together and yet, you are still individuals, you remain yourselves. (couple drinks wine)."


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I was soo happy when my FI wanted me to help him with the Groomsmen attire!  As much as I love him, his style can be a little boring sometimes.  He totally doesn't understand contrasting colors and keeps things very basic.  Now the guys tuxes aren't crazy or anything... but him doing Ivory on white and also having pin stripes?  I was blown away. hehe.  Sorry its the same dude in every pic, lol, kinda creepy...

Groom's Attire

Some good looking men photo 1

Groomsmen's Attire

Some good looking men photo 2

Dad's Attire

Some good looking men photo 3

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One of the most important details of the wedding, for me, is my veil.  I was named after my Mom's best friend, Donna Jean, and she passed away from Cancer in 1983, they were only 23 years old.  I was born in August of 84 and even though I never met her, my Mom always says we are so much alike.  Donna's brother, Bobby, is my Godfather and has always been there for me in every huge stage of my life.  When John and I got engaged, the first thing I wanted to do was ask Bobby and the rest of the siblings if I could use her veil.  Without any hesitation Bobby and the others agreed.  I really love that she will be a part of me on my big day.

It is, however, very dated and I am just going to make some minor changes.  It just needs to be cleaned up and I am going to cut it since we will be walking around Golf grounds for pics and I would not want it to get ripped up.  Thankfully, my veil lady is going to save every piece and we might do something else with the rest of the fabric.

I plan on having Bobby put on my veil so we can share that moment.

The first pics are the first stage of the veil (it used to have a cap on it and it was very long)


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Ok... so let me tell all of you that I think I have the most involved FI ever!  LoL.  I have been sending him invite ideas here and there really thinking he wouldn't care, but oh wow, he does!!  It is completely fine with me cause I do know he is inviting Partners from his Firm, so I know he doesn't want them to look cheap or anything.  So I have been hunting through sites trying to find some reasonable deals on gorgeous invites.  I am pretty sure I am going to order a Shimmer Navy Pocket or a Silver Pocket to glam it up... Here is what I have so far...

Invites photo 1  Invites photo 2  Invites photo 3    

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So first of all, its pretty great that our venue provides a cake for us, we literally just pick out flavors and the design, no worrying about finding a baker!!  I know we both want simple and have an E monogram cake topper.  Here are our current faves. (Obviously, the orange one would match our Navy color scheme)

Let them eat Cake photo 1 Let them eat Cake photo 2 Let them eat Cake photo 3 Let them eat Cake photo 4 Let them eat Cake photo 5


And this is what we ended up going with.  The swirls will be in a very faint lavender and the ribbon will be navy.

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Ok, so since the heavily beaded dresses were a bust on me, I vowed to myself to add bling to my attire for the day.  I got these brooches off Ebay for incredible prices!!

Seller's Page

The first is for my bouquet, the second is for my dress (see below), and the third is for my hair

Show me that Bling photo 1Show me that Bling photo 2Show me that Bling photo 3

I added the second brooch to our guest book :)