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These are some Invitation Mock-ups I have made. I've changed my color preference since then, but I still love these! I made them with Adobe Illustrator with some free vectors on the internet.


Clementine, Pewter, Ebony, and Aubergine:

Mock ups and Colors photo 2

Aubergine, Fresco, Ebony, and Pewter:

Mock ups and Colors photo 3

Turqoise, Ebony, Aubergine, and Pewter:

Mock ups and Colors photo 4

Marine, Ebony, Ice Yellow, and Pewter:

Mock ups and Colors photo 5

Ebony, Pewter, Midnight, and Shamrock:

Mock ups and Colors photo 6

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Is it Ugly photo 1

Mr Chopstick and I have been talking about *IF* we got married... stuff lately.

He totally shot down the whole red wedding idea. There go my dreams of walking down the isle in Louboutins!

He thinks that's "too asian."

So I've been exploring other colors. I'm having a hard time finding a combo I like, that is not what my friends have done, and isn't entirely expected.

So I came up with Teal, Navy, and Slate.

Is it Ugly photo 2


I really just love Tiffany Blue and would love a wedding with that, but I want a winter wedding to save money and so that our wedding doesn't get lost in the myriad of other weddings during wedding season.


eh. :(


On a lighter note, we talked about other things, like the banquet.

He totally thinks it would be awesome to have like a 7 course dinner, american style. That way there's enough food and it's not too unfamiliar for either party!

Last but certainly not least, I'm glad we agreed we do not want a religious wedding. That would be simply awkward considering half my family is always at church, but I hope they understand.

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I really like this color combo: Teal, Navy, Slate, and dark grey. I'll post them together later!
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Maggie Sottero Carrie


Maggie Sottero Tiffany?

Maggie Sottero Dallas Marie

Maggie Sottero Alyssaa

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Well, Mr. Chopstick is Chinese, and they participate in some VERY FUN traditions!

The first one is the Wedding Door games!

Basically, the Groom comes to the bride's home to pick her up to go to the wedding with all of his groomsmen, and the bridesmaids, the flower girls, and the bride's family meet them at the door and make him do all of these funny tasks to "Prove he's worthy" of taking the bride! Some of the tasks involve:

  • Demanding $9,999 from the groom and groomsmen in order to pick her up(the number 9 is considered an extremely lucky number in chinese culture, and in cantonese, the number 9 rhymes with the word for "enough" so they ask for it to see how much they can get!), but they usually settle for a nominal amount. I saw a video on youtube where the ladies asked for a $1 bill, a $5 bill, a $10 bill, and a $20 bill. The boys had to go all over the neighborhood to look for a $10 dollar bill because they needed it to meet the MOH's requirements!
  • Eating really sour, salty, spicy, bitter, and sweet foods to prove that they are in it for the long run and not the "sweeter things in life."
  • Doing tons of pushups(divided amongst all the guys) to prove they are strong enough to support the bride!
  • Answering silly questions to prove they are smart enough to be with the bride! Things like "What came first, the chicken or the egg?"
  • Making up choreography and singing a song from the bride's favorite artist! (lol, I'd love to see them try to sing "bad romance" from lady gaga, or something from NSYNC!"
  • Jumping over the flower girls
  • Making the Groom say "I love you!" in as many languages as possible!
  • Doing embarrassing things in general!

This would be a blast to see!

I REALLY want to participate in this and have a videographer there to record it and edit it same-day so that we can play it at our reception.

Here are some examples of these games on youtube!

Door Games 1

Door Games 2

Door Games 3


Then, there is the Tea Ceremony!

This is a simple tradition where the Bride and Groom pay respect to each other's families by offering their elders tea.


Of Course, there must be LION DANCERS!

Lion Dancers!

Lion Dancers!


The Traditional Chinese Banquet!

A traditional chinese banquet, perfectly designed to fill every guest's stomach and a mighty tasty one if I might add! There are usually about 10 courses, I think 6 usually are seafood! Crab, Lobster, Shrimp, you name it!

I'm rather nervous about this one, because I have a squeamish family. Most of my family is beyond "white" in the way that if it's not chicken or beef, they don't want anything to do with it! When I took my parents to meet Mr. Chopstick's family for Dim Sum, my mother had her eyes peeled wide open like she was trying not to scream "WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE FEEDING MY DAUGHTER!?"

Mr. Chopstick tells me there's usually things like abalone, shark fin soup, every seafood I can imagine, and tons of tons of meats, and it's all prepared in every way that could ever be terrifying to "white people."

I'm quite adventurous when it comes to food. I liked shark fin when I had it and I don't mind eating the heads of shrimp or biting into an unknown sea-creature's cooked remains. If the fish still has it's head intact, cool! Whatever! I'm not eating that part but I'll gladly take a peice of the belly!

Mr. Chopstick and I consider ourselves "foodies" and we go out and try new things all the time. My "weird food list" extends at least 7 items more than all of my friends' lists. My girlfriend even gags at the thought of going somewhere with a Luau style pig!

I clearly MUST be the black sheep on my side of the family doesn't have that trait at all! They are quite ignorant, they thought that Chinese food was just Sweet and Sour Pork and Chow Mein until they had a rude awakening when they met Mr. Chopstick's family.

So I'm trying to either work out a 10 course meal with traditional AND american foods served family style, OR some sort of buffet option. Mr Chopstick's dad is quite popular in the Chinese community and I wouldn't want to let his reputation go bad; especially because I know how chinese people can and will complain if there isn't enough food or if a couple went too cheap on the banquet!


Last but not least! Bridal Dress Changes!

The Modern Chinese Bride changes her dress during a chinese wedding between 2-4 times~! What a way to feel like a diva! The first dress is for the Tea Ceremony, The second usually happens some time during the banquet, another happens again During the banquet, and finally, the Bride changes into a dress to see the guests home in.

I'm such an attention hog, I flipped over myself when I found this out, and was excited that if I followed this, I wouldn't have to settle for one dress. haha.



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STD Magnets would be very fun to have, and I have my format mocked out:

STDS photo 1

I want to print out several different captions(in addition to the fish, chicken or beef one!), including one in chinese for guests who don't know english.


It will be sticky-d on a card that says:

He popped the question and she said "YES!"

Now he's renting a tux and she's buying a dress!

We're getting married a little later,

Please keep this on your refrigerator!

The magnet will be put under the little poem, and then in the space below:

"For hotel and additional information, please visit our website at"

Followed by:

"Formal invitation to follow!"