Jul 28, 2012

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Hi my name is Sylvia.  I am 39 yrs and my FI is 41 yrs old and we plan on getting married in 2012.  I will marry my  High School sweetheart.  It's amazing how we had been apart for over 14 years and how our love is even greater for one another.  I couldn't imagine my life without him.  I truly consider myself Blessed to have another chance at Love. 

We had three children together in our younger years and one who passed away from cancer at the age of five.  We have a bond that keeps us together and striving to do the right things in life.  We both tried to go our separte ways but Love has brought us back together. 

I am a part of project wedding and The Knot, hoping to gather ideas for our big day.   I will be 40 before we get married and it's almost like we shouldn't go all out but being as though I have been waiting for this day for an eternity I want it to be a Grand event.

I truly believe that God has Great things in store for us.