May 21, 2011

( 4.0 / 5.0 )
Almost everything with Jessica and Meghan was great! I had met Jessica in person (she is a sweetheart) and was really excited about having her be there for me on my wedding day. Our flowers were BEAUTIFUL and for the flowers and arrangements we had, I couldnt have been happier!!!
Overall these girls do a great job, but in the end I was a little disappointed. I was sent a follow-up email and I replied letting them know of the few problems that did in fact occur (flower girl had no petals to throw, I didnt get my bouquet for the bouquet toss, and my ring bearer didnt get his flower). These are all fine (to a point...I really was upset about the bouquet) and in the end these things didnt ruin my wedding day. I have not heard back from these girls yet and I am not sure yet if I will. They have deposited my "rental deposit" check (that was to cover any of the centerpieces if they werent returned). My mother and I were a little upset about the missing items the day of the wedding and we also didnt want to pay for the flowers in the centerpiece and then have to give them back because of the glass they were in so we just gave them away and took some home to enjoy for a couple weeks. We figured it was worth the rental deposit and the girls at blush probably get them pretty cheap. Overall, they did a wonderful job. I am just upset at the moment because now that the wedding is over and I am trying to communicate the few problems we had, I am not getting any communication back.
I def. wouldnt let these few things deter me from using their services again. The work they did for me was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL and I would use them again in a heartbeat!
Services used: Flowers