Jul 28, 2011

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Well where to start...I am an Indian girl who was born in lovely Socal! I was raised very Americanized and am now starting to get emersed into my culture, 27 years later! Better late than never, right? My fiance and I have been dating for 8 years now and it has been a strong, loving, crazy relationship! I couldn't imagine myself with anyone else but him, I really believe we are meant to be together! =) The process of getting engaged and planning the engagement and now wedding has been very stressful. In addition to the basic planning of the party, there are so many cultural traditions that I have to learn, it's so hard!  He was born in India and I was born here, talk about oppsites attract!  And to top it off, I don't know the language, just English! So that is challenging, but I love a challenge! I started tutoring with a lady who lives in my area and it really helped me learn the language. I haven't mastered it, but I have brought books and am trying to figure it all out!

I love being creative and planning my wedding has been a great process! I am excited to get married and start a new life with my fiance! =)