Aug 13, 2011

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the story of sally and jeff begins in a lovely retail store receiving room....i had been working away for 10 yrs completely given up hope in men after endless bouts of bad luck and one day this gorgeous very sweet very funny guy walks in and instantly i wanted to be with him. it was against my beliefs to date someone at work however we got along so well i couldn't make myself not fall in love with him. we were just busy talking about movies and such and we both got along so well. i was like i really wanna see this one and he was have u seen this etc etc...and then we ended up hooking up. our first official date i guess was to a haunted house. it was almost halloween when we met and it was super super fun. my kids love him to death and my 3 yr old climbs on his lap says she loves him and gives him kisses. my middle daughter wanted to change her name when we got married and my son likes to tease him and call him uncle dad cuz he seems young to him and he's a few yrs younger than me. it all started when one day on the phone he said would it be too forward to say i love you? and i actually said no not if u actually mean it and he said i wouldn't feel right not saying it and i said i love u too actually i love you alot.:) and then he said why? he's a bit of a smartass but i know he loves me to death cuz he can sense my emotions before i even speak "alot" of the time. and he said so does this mean were a couple or what? and from then on we couldn't stay apart i we got to spend time together we did. and one day on the sofa he said i love u my wife. :) and i was sooooo shocked i couldn't stop smiling and he said you really like that don't u? one day i'm gonna buy you a big ring and make u my wife and he wouldn't let me call him anything but my husband from that point on. it was great. we both had alot of interests in ghosthunters and haunted places and so one day we went up to the palmer house for dinner and it was a beautiful day and i like that town its pretty and relaxing then afterwards he said to my son we gotta stop i gotta pick up a surprise for your mom and he gave me my ring and it was way more beautiful than i coulda imagined it to be. from then the wedding planning started and hasnt stopped...he was in the army so we decided to get married at camp ripley memorial chapel...its a beautiful chapel holds 440 people and is close to the reception site than my church is. we are gonna have the reception at the vfw club. i always loved demetrios dresses i had one i fell in love with since i was like highschool age that was almost impossible to find but looked at stores in mn that carried demetrios and i saw two hearts bridal in bemidji mn. its about a 2 and half hr drive from where i am but i wanted to go there and check it out. i tried on some of the lovliest dresses i'd ever seen and i fell in love with the one i found there. it was unbelievable....and i got a great deal. it had been like a $1400 dress and i got it for $400 plus alterations costs. it was gorgeous...i ended up finding the belaire 8713 tiara with elbow length metallic edged veil online is beautiful. i ordered a freshwater pearl and swartzofki crystal necklace and earing set from canada online and i ordered fingerless opera gloves from the uk online that were gorgeous had floral embellishment on the top that matched some of the ones thruout my dress because i have a gorgeous tattoo of jesus hugging a lamb on my lower left arm which i love but i wanted to look formal with a dress so fancy for the wedding so i got fingerless gloves to cover that up. i got clear glass platform heels to wear with my dress that actually are really comfortable because they have a square platform and fit really well. and he really loves blue he wanted royal blue and i really love yellow i wanted a nice cheery warm yellow so my bridesmaids are gonna have sunrise yellow dresses and carry royal blue calla lilys and the groomsmen are gonna wear black suits with yellow vests and jeff is gonna have a black suit with a royal blue vest so he will stand out more. and the little flower girls are wearing royal blue dresses and carrying yellow flowers. i am gonna carry yellow tulips my fav flower and blue irises...the flowers were out of date for an august wedding so i found the website www.silkflowersfactory online which was amazing great flowers and lots of them for great prices. we are gonna decorate camp ripley chapel with yellow ribbons in honor of the military i found a great photographer thanks to my cuz tanya in the cities his name is perry whitlow dubbvisionphotography he does alot of modeling photography but has done weddings too and he does amazing work for an unbelievable price. my grandfather is gonna play violin in my wedding. and my son is gonna sing a number for it. i am thinking for a processional will maybe have "im in the mood for love" on violin or "under paris skies" and my son is gonna sing a third day song which is really more of a worship song "your love oh lord" and recessional will prob be o solo mio on violin. i would also like to incorporate some sarah kelly music i love her voice and it fits the military wedding theme if you hear her youll understand. she sounds alot like janis joplin only christian worship type music. thinking of incorporating the song "forever" by sarah kelly or "fall into you" is an amazing one by sarah kelly still working on reception decorating ideas and favor ideas...will be a rather large wedding if all can make it looking to be around 200-240 people possibly. my moms friend christy is gonna make our wedding cake she does amazing work she made my sisters cake and it looked amazing. am looking to have an all cream or off white cake with draped ribbon and rosettes around it. will be beautiful. getting excited time is creeping up soon now....found my invites on they are amazing really great unique designs. i wanted something that said wedding that also had military theme and they did that just right it was gorgeous they even added and extra thumbnail pic of the two of us at the top of the invite at no extra charge. the shipping was fast and they were really professional and kind. they even gaveme a personal call to thank me for my order. they sent several emails of proofs before sending to the printer. i totally recommend them to anyone. my dress....gavinder at two hearts in bemidji is very professional very kind lady. she is amazing with alterations she was really knowledgable from the get go...she does custom alterations. i found a dress fit me almost perfect. my hips are a little larger from having 3 kids but my shoulders are narrow so to get the right fit across my hips she needed to take it in abit in the shoulder for me and you could barely zip it when i tried it on but she said she could put in a lace up back and then i would vary up or down 1 to 2 sizes and so it perfectly would fit me. my dress was soooo amazing....i would post a pic on here but i promised to keep my dress or any photos of it from my fiance till the big day. you can look it up google demetrios 908 the best thing is just that after so many years and so many trials i met someone i feel lucky to be with every day who i love alot and my children love alot as well. he makes me laugh all the time. he loves to dance and my 3 yr old likes to copy him and he loves to dance in the car while i drive s well and rock out. hes a blast to be around. that is a little about me. i have a 14 yr old (chad) and 8 yr old (atalie) and a 3 yr old (summer) my bridesmaid dresses are davinci bridal 9199 i love coffee i'm a coffee holic and i love swiss cheese and my fav food is curried chicken salad that stuff is the best... :)and i like sunkist lemonade too that stuff is pretty good too if i do say so myself. i love woodsy natural scents. like patchouli, cedar, or sandalwood...sometimes i go to the health food store and buy oils i like and add them to my bath water it makes your skin really soft and smells great....i also love lancome magnifique and salvador dali and givinci irrisistable colognes and i like thymes goldleaf lotion smells amazing too. anyways...thats a bit about me and my wedding hope to gain some great tips and ideas and inspirations from some of you