Aug 20, 2011

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Well it was a gorgeous Saturday in November.  Dustin had taken me to the states to meet his parents.  That morning his mom took me out on a girls shopping day and Dustin and his dad had been doing things on their own.  Well apparently they went ring shopping and everyone knew what Dustin had planned for later that evening.  I came home to roses from Dustin, he NEVER buys me roses.  We all sat down for a delicious dinner.  After dinner Dustin promised to take me to see the sunset at the beach because I had never really watched the sunset, especially at the beach.  As we walked down the beach, he was acting a little weird and kept playing with his pocket but I thought he was just being Dustin.  As the sun started to set he walked up to me and said, and I quote 'I Know I always make jokes about it, but this time I seriously mean it...' he got down on his knee and pulled out the ring '...Denise Medinat, Will you marry me?!'.  I really didnt know how to react, he had 'proposed' to me a hundred times before, mostly when he was drunk or if we were off on our day dates, but this time, PHFEW, it was real.