Sep 02, 2012

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Bridesmaid's dresses:


 Allure Bridesmaids style 1233. It will be long and in a very pale blue. They will carry pink bouquets


Groom will be in pink, groomsmen will be in blue to match bridesmaids. The ring bearers will be similar but with vests instead of jackets

Flower girls:

 My sister will be making these. These gowns were found on






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The search for my gown started on shaky ground. I had no idea what I wanted. I could say more of what I didn't want than what I did want. The first place I went was with my 2 aunts, my grandmother and my cousin (who also ended up trying on gowns "just for fun" since she isn't even engaged yet). I tried on a few gowns, liking one but not in love with it yet. I wanted to try on different styles but this salon only had strapless gowns. Then I tried on 3 when we were looking for bridesmaid dresses and hated them and stopped because the attendant did not understand what I liked and didn't like. So my bridesmaids decided I needed to go on a day when it was all about me and they were going to make me feel like a BRIDE. We went to a place where I had an entire room and consultant to myself - big difference over trying on gowns in the middle of the store. After a few gowns I put one on and my bridesmaid/best friend who never gets teary or emotional started crying. I still wasn't convinced. then I noticed every dress I tried on after that we were comparing to that one. It was well over my budget so I left the store to "thiink about it." I then went home and googled, looked in magazines, looked at online bridal salons, everywhere to find a more budget friendly version of this dress. Nothing. I hated everything else at this point. I decided I loved every little detail about the dress. So then I searched for THE dress. Nothing. After about a month I resigned myself to searching for bridal consignment stores. I was planning on going to one in a couple days when I all of a sudden discovered THE dress online for $600 less than the original store was asking - in my size, color, new with tags, not altered. I couldn't believe it! I emailed the seller and found out it was in a bridal salon in CA and being sold so budget friendly thanks to an indecisive bride who changed her mind about this dress. It is now en route to me and as soon as it is in my hands I will be putting it on to take pictures of Me in THE perfect dress and I'll post them on here. Until then here is the pic from the designer's website.

My Dress photo 1

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Thank you parasol


Ring bearer pillow - floral foam covered in moss and flowers with ribbon tied like a gift holding rings

Flower girl basket - wicker basket with base covered in moss. Flower bunches where handle meets basket and ribbon streaming from handles.

Monogram "wreaths" - cardboard letters covered in moss and tied with ribbon



Veil - tulle and lace bought from Joanne's, my mom is making it for me. It was a big challenge to measure it and get it to look right though, just a warning for any of you looking to do it.

Ceremony arch - your typical arch but covered in flowing fabric, ivy and flowers

Ceremony aisle markers - blue mason jars hanging from shepherd's hooks with small bunches of flowers inside This is our prototype but will actually be done by a pro with real flowers

Hanging votives

Dessert buffet (I'll just be gathering the display pieces and making the labels)

Hangover kits - to be delivered to the hotel rooms during the wedding so our guests have the essentials to make it to the brunch with smiles on their faces and headache free :)

Kids table place settings - crayons, paper placemats, other small items to keep them occupied. I may even set up a play area for the kids to keep them busy

Bathroom baskets. My MOH is putting together the actual baskets so I won't have a pic of those but here are the signs I made for them. They say "So happy you're here to share in our special day but should something happen to go astry please help yourself to the contents within. Breath mints, hand lotion, and even aspirin. use only what you need and leave the rest, it may be useful to another guest. so repair the damage that may have been done then hurry back and join in the fun. compliments of the newlyweds."


Tears of Joy packets:


Decorating a "just married" golf cart (won't have pics til day of)

Bridal party shirts and tote bags -

Personalized hangers

Part of the bridesmaids gift - makeup case with hot fix crystal initial and bejeweled nail files, they'll be getting a lot more (see Gifts section)

Wishing tree (I love this!!)

Card box

 the box says "Live simply, Laugh often, Love always" on top and "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow, Don't walk behind me, I may not lead, Walk beside me and be my friend" on the front. Plus it fits our colors and garden theme. Love it!

Table "numbers" actually names of flowers

 water bottle tub

I have water bottle labels too but I didn't think to take pictures of the water bottles. But all I did was download a template and stick it on the water bottle.

Bridal party drinking glasses (part of their gifts) *please ignore the mess on the table, it's from all the diy madness

 yea I know they aren't very special but I didn't know what else to put on them

Bride and Groom drinking glasses :)


Programs. I bought a kit from Michael's and just designed them on the computer and printed them out. I didn't have enough room to put everything on there I wanted to but I think they turned out ok.

Hotel door hangers

 These still the holes cut in the top but I haven't figured out the best way to do that yet

Cake cutter :)

FI was a little irritated that I made this "girly" but I had to right? ;)

Candle holders. we've been saving the jars from candles since we got engaged so we have a bunch of different ones, I just took a pic of a few to show you. They are wrapped with lace. The far left one is actually a vase for one of our CP's.

Centerpieces. We decided to have 3 different ones to save on our floral budget.

this is my idea for the cocktail table centerpieces. there is a mix of high top tables and low patio tables. The flowers will be a little different and the candle will be floating

this is going to be our large centerpiece and it will have real flowers. I'm really excited about this one!this one will have real flowers (the blue jar will actually be re-used from the ones hanging on the chairs from the ceremony) and some of the smaller jars will be blue as well. we only had 3 and we happened to have 3 of the same size in clear so I wrapped those ones in lace. this centerpiece only cost the price of the lace. everything we already had or would have paid for anyway for the ceremony. :)this one is actually exactly like in this pic. My MOH and I glued the flowers together. All of these centerpieces have different flowers but they are basically the same look. I love these!!!

 All of them!

Bar decor. Found these candlesticks at Michael's and they already had the flowers in little bundles. The shorter candlesticks have floating candles in them and they will be placed along the bar in groups of two - a tall and short

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Our wedding vision is a combination of "casual elegance" and a "garden party." It also must be very budget friendly as we are paying for it ourselves and will NOT go into debt to pay for one day. We plan on starting our family soon after getting married so we want to make sure we have money for our children rather than paying for a day come and gone.

Our colors are all shades of pink (my request) and a very pale blue (Jesse's input) with a little touch of green here and there. I'm in love with flowers - hence the garden theme - yet I want to try to figure out how to create a lush garden feel without the expense. I'm considering a mixture of silk and real although I'm getting mixed reviews. We are marrying on a golf course under two large trees. Instead of a cake we are cutting a cheesecake and having a dessert buffet. To end the night we are roasting marshmallows and enjoying s'mores because we love to have campfires.

I consider myself pretty creative and crafty so I plan on DIYing as much as I can while keeping my sanity. I'm pretty confident since we have a year until our wedding - 9-2-2012 :)

If any of you brides out there have any ideas for me to save money or DIY projects I'd love to hear them. I have spent hours on this website perusing the DIY projects and budget ideas. Lots of great stuff!!

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I'm Ashley, the girl who has dreamt of her wedding day since she first saw Cinderella. I am engaged to the most amazing man I know, Jesse. I am a registered nurse in the birth center. I LOVE delivering babies and helping parents learn about being parents :) Jesse is a fireman, actually the Lt. on his fire dept. He is so passionate about firefighting - he actually considers it "playing!" We graduated high school together but were only good friends throughout high school. We went our seperate ways after high school - me to college him to the fire department. I moved back home one summer to work and not have bills to pay and we reconnected then. Neither of us even realized we were in a "relationship" until I went away for a sorority weekend. We missed each toher so much and decided to make a long distance relationship work. That led into moving in together and on December 13, 2010 he proposed!! It was the best moment ever because we had been daydreaming about the "someday" we'd get married. We've put it off until we were no longer poor college students and now we actually get to plan the day we become man and wife.