Mar 18, 2006

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I was never a girl who ever planned or wanted a wedding. I never dreamed about who I would marry. In fact, I was the anti-wedding girl most of my life. Gary and I found each other later in life (he was 29 and I was 34), but by the time we did, we knew. I fell in love for the first time at 34 years old and the light finally went on! We were not fortunate enough to be finacially secure, so money was a big deal to us. But we wanted our day to be very special. Thanks to the great vendors we had our day was very special. We just celebrated 2 years of marriage and this November will mark 5 years together. We had a very classy wedding for a very decent price. We didn't go overboard but with the help of our parents, our wedding was absolutely perfect. After it was over, we were able to finally relax and the stress of planning a wedding was lifted from our shoulders!

I never realized how special our wedding day would be, but as I look back on it with great fondness, I am very lucky that I married a man like Gary, who was very involved in the planning and we made all the decisions together. The bridal party looked so good together. We were surrounded by so many people who love us, and that's the best feeling in the entire world.