May 18, 2012

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So before I go into the story about how boy met girl, let me tell you some tibits about them.

  • He snores when he sleeps but totally denies it even though there is video footage of it
  • She adores massages and pesters for one every chance she gets
  • He's amazing at almost every sport except for swimming, the one active thing she can pretty much kick his butt in
  • She has to sleep with at least the hallway light on
  • He is always on time for everything which is the exact opposite of her
  • She's a paralegal and trying to get her masters this year
  • He's the general manager of LA Fitness and has a degree in computer science
  • They love their husky, Hiro, and spoil him silly
Okay so this is how we met in a very short, straight to the point paragraph. I was checking out the gym and he gave me the tour. A couple weeks of flirting we went on a date and from there we became a couple. We adopted our little puppy, bought a condo, and we're about to get married 4 years later!