Sep 27, 2009

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After scouring online for great deals on invites, I decided to take the plunge and save a few by making them myself. With only about 50-60 guests, I figured it wouldn't be that hard making 30 of them.

First off, the hardest part for me was finally choosing on what look I was going for. I fell in love with these beautiful colorful ones however they did not fit my theme so I opted for something just simple, classic and elegant. There were SO many gorgeous options that I've "made my deicisions" numerous times and changed them just as many times.

Below are the finished products.

The champagne metallic pocketfolds, onyx metallic backing cards, cream puff cardstock and the silver envelopes were all purchased from The envelope liner is just wrapping paper that I purchased from Target and I wanted to break away from the monotanous ivory, black and gold so I have a silver envelope with lt blue and copper damask liner. I like that it has NOTHING to do with the invites PLUS I don't like when things are too "matchy-matchy". I'm sure some would say these clash but that's fine. I like to do things my own way.
I gotta say I love Michaels 50% off coupons. I've taken trips there these past few weeks many a times because I kept changing my mind on how I wanted to jazz up these babies. Black rhinestone accent on the black chandelier graphics? To emboss or not emboss? Should we do a map card insert or not? There were just too many possibilities and I had to narrow it down and my FI wasn't much help b/c he couldn't care less if we had sent out evite wedding invitations as long as we were getting married. I on the other hand is a MUCh pickier person than that.

For me, the heat embossing was the funnest but also the most tedious part for me. I love doing these arts and craft type project but doing 30 of them in one sitting was a bit too much for me but I kept going b/c WE NEED TO GET THE INVITES OUT!!!


My DIY invites photo 1

Closed with the black metallic belly band, ivory ribbon and a fleur de lis image embossed in gold powder on a ivory cardstock with a gold textured cardstock backing. Cutting into nice even sizes was something I could not handle. FI did all the cutting. Thanks babe! =)

My DIY invites photo 2

They're simple but that's what I was going for...

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My decor decisions have to go with our venue so it's going to be classic and definately something that I would still love 25 years later when I look at my wedding photos.

My colors are going to be a variation from black, ivory, brown, champagne and pale pink.

Details photo 1

My reception will have black tablecovers and gold chiavari with DIY centerpieces consisting of lots of votives and similar color scheme for the flowers used in the ceremony. I have received quotes for what I want as centerpieces and I couldn't believe my ears. Or in this case, my eyes since the flower quotes were emailed to me. I do consider myself to be pretty crafty and artistic so I know I'm able to DIY. So the night before my wedding, I will be in my hotel room arranging my tabletop centerpieces.

Centerpiece ideas

Details photo 2

I really love the look of the tall curly willows. I would probably do all white/ivory flowers and maybe have a few submerged flowers as well among the base of the curly willows. Also I'd probably adorn it with some hanging crystals. I think what makes a HUGE difference to the tables are having lots of lights/votives. My venue says they will put five per table but I don't think it's enough so I probably will be searching online for the best deals of votives in bulk.

 Details photo 3

I LOVE the look of this crystal manzanita tree. (Yes, I too have now jumped on the crystal wedding tree bandwagon) I'll probably do something similar to the one pictured above and place the 4 or a 5 footer near the entrance to the doorway and hang votives on it. I'm actually excited to make my inspired ideas into a reality!

Details photo 4

This is gorgeous!!!



I was never a fan of having wedding favors as I've received the soaps, candles and other trinkets wrapped in cellophane or organza in the past and it always ended up collecting dust since I felt bad throwing them away. However I've changed my mind and decided on going with the flow and have favors but thought something edible would be more worthwhile. It's always nice to take something home from the wedding.

After some research, I've decided on cheesecake covered caramel apples. We got a GREAT bulk rate deal from a vendor at the mall. They are also going to double up as escort cards. YUM!!!!!!!! I'm salivating just thinking about eating one. LOL

Details photo 5


We have decided to go with red velvet wedding cake. My favorite!!!

Details photo 6

I love the combination of square and round on this cake:

Details photo 7

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I never cared about minor details such as the appearance of the chairs for my reception. However after seeing what a huge difference in appearance to the ballrooms the chair makes, I decided I want these chairs!!! I now understand why someone would pay up to $8.50 per chair when normally I would scoff at this idea.

My venue provides "standard" chairs whatever that is but I'm sure they're not pretty and offers upgraded chairs and linens for a whopping $200 a table!!! (10 seated at one table) Doing the math, that is $20 per person and I cannot fathom (nor can my fiance who already thinks the standard chairs are "just fine") paying that much so that a person will have prettier chairs to sit on.

We joked that we should buy our own chairs and after start up our own chiavari chair rental business and have it pay itself off after 5 or 6 rentals. =P



Yes it's worth it. LOL

I want gold chiavari chairs for both my ceremony and dinner. Especially my ceremony since it matches the ornate walls. My venue says they'll do chiavari chairs for either the ceremony or dinner and do covered chairs for the other. It's either that or rent the chairs for both venues but they won't transport between both rooms. Rather than use the vendor my venue uses which charges $10.50 a chair, I found my own vendor that rents them out for $8 a chair which includes delivery, set up, and breakdown.

So now the question is, use the chairs for the ceremony or the reception. I thought about it and I'd hate to pay for chairs and just use them for only 20 minutes which is how long the ceremony will be so we will use it for the reception. So it's final; covered white chairs for the ceremony and chiavari's for the reception.


My chair vendor will move the chair from the ceremony room to the reception room through an alternate route that no one will see. YAY!

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One thing's for sure, I want a birdcage veil. I've been wanting a birdcage for SEVERAL years now as I love vintage old Hollywood style glamour. I was slightly disappointed that it's become such a trend as of late (no disrepect to anyone that is wearing a birdcage!) and I was going to opt for no veil but I said to myself "Get over it. Who cares? If you like it then wear it."

My wedding look photo 1My wedding look photo 2
I will probably be wearing my hair half up half down with loose waves. Another idea was to wear my hair in a pin-up 1940's style but it's still early in my planning stage and will most likely not be able to make a final decision until the week of.

I bought:

My wedding look photo 3

The Marilyn Veil from

I may go back to this design. Different from your average birdcage and maybe switch to the birdcage for the reception.

My wedding look photo 4



The Dress:

I was originally obsessed with the Monique Lhuillier Scarlet dress. I LOOOVED IT the moment I laid eyes on it.

But about a little over 4 months prior to the wedding, I've come to realize that while I love the ML Scarlet dress I wanted a simpler sleeker dress. I kept seeing photos of beautiful mermaid cut satin dresses but kept brushing off those feelings of changing my mind on the dress as I've already paid to have the other one made. It arrived and I like it but deep down, I had that feeling that I wasn't 100% satisfied with it.

Maybe it's b/c I love accessorizing and with the birdcage veil I always wanted to wear and my mother's wedding gloves she wore back in the late 70's I thought the lace would clash with the alencon lace on the dress. Finally I decided I want to be 100% satisfied with the dress and would rather go with a simpler sleek dress and accessorize more than I would have with an all lace dress.

Thanks to another PWer, I found a great online dress maker which I've sent over photos and request for a quote and I believe I will have them start the production. I'm sure once I get this dress, I will be more confident with this new dress selection.


My Shoes:

I love my shoes!!! I knew from the get-go that I was getting new CL's for my wedding day.  These in particular are simple yet sexy. While my sister was in Paris, she went to the Louboutin store and bought me the crepe satin Hyper Prive in black. Not your typical wedding shoes but I love them!

My wedding look photo 5

My sister's dog Ozzy checking out my shoes. =)

 My wedding look photo 6

Saw this picture on 100 Layer Cake. It's a black shoe (I think the same style as mine) w/ ivory wedding dress.

My wedding look photo 7

Floral ivory belt. I immediately fell in love with these belts as soon as I laid my eyes on them.

My wedding look photo 8

My wedding look photo 9


Chanel Chance. This has been my all time favorite perfume and needless to say disappeared VERY quickly!

My wedding look photo 10

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Originally I had planned to have my wedding in Los Angeles at the Oviatt Penthouse. I fell in love with their cityscape views as it was located right in downtown and loved that it was a historical building with the interior all upkept in its original condition (from back in the 1920s/30s). We had already made the deposit and reserved the date however I started having second thoughts about the location when we experienced some difficulty making appointments to meet our vendors in the same weekends we happen to be down there. After some thought and talks with my fiance we decided to forfeit the deposit that we made to the Oviatt and start fresh in one of our favorite city, San Francisco. Not to mention, SF is only a 30 minute drive from my home so needless to say planning will be MUCH simpler. I ended up getting my deposit back from the Oviatt (after some numerous calls) which we were thrilled about b/c I really thought we had lost it cancelling after 3 months of signing their contract. After searching high and low in the city, we finally decided on our wedding at The Fairmont right atop of Nob Hill. I think I have searched and researched every single wedding venue in this city and I finally found The Fairmont to be the place. When I originally inquired, I had gone in thinking this was going to be WAAAAY over my budget but surprisingly it wasn't! In fact, I had inquired at less fancier hotels and their rental fees and food ordering minimums were a lot higher than what was required at The Fairmont. Being that I am having an intimate wedding (about 50 guests) some of the rooms that I was highly interested in weren't available to me. But after some research through their website, brochures and in person visits, I found the rooms that were perfect for us.


My reception will take place here:

The Venue photo 1

The Venue photo 2


Ceremony in their outdoor gardens

The Venue photo 3

The reception rooms leads right outside to the garden rooftop terrace which has somewhat of a cityscape view. the room also has this huge AMAZING chandelier that I think is one of the best part of the room. (BTW carpet is pretty FUGLY but it'll be dark) Not to mention that the drapes can be opened up all the way and you have the view of the garden as well as the city on the other side. It's perfect for us.


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I am finally getting married! Fiance proposed June of 2007 and we are planning a wedding down in the beautiful city of San Francisco in September of 2009. (I've always wanted a FALL wedding. My favorite season)

Friends have wondered when we were finally take the plunge and get married. Mind you, I've known this guy since I was HS and started going out when I was 15. Then, we kind of grew apart and we got back together during college and we have been together ever since. We have been together going on 9 years.

I have spent hours searching online for wedding gowns, floral ideas, hair styles, accessories, shoes etc that fit my "vintage/sexy chic/hip/non-cookie cutter" look I am going for.

I was never the type that dreamt of having the huge princess wedding as a little girl. But as I make plans for the big day and envision how it will be, I get more and more excited and don't know how I will contain myself until that day comes.

I've always admired my mom's vintage inspired ring growing up and I knew I wanted a similar one myself. My fiance picked up on that and he got me exactly what I was looking for. He got me this 2+ carat perfect diamond Edwardian platinum ring which took him approximately one year of research to pick out. He knows that as a person, I am pretty complex so a simple smooth band solitaire wasn't going to suit me. These photos don't show the intricate detail on the ring's surface as it was all custom hand made but I absolutely love my ring. I'm not much of a jewelry wearing type of person but I never leave home w/out my ring.

My ring:

Two carats and some change