Dec 02, 2011

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The Beginning...

Luis and I met on his birthday when I was invited by a friend to join them all for his birthday lunch celebration. I ended up sitting next to him but there were no sparks. Actually, by day's end, he was certain that I was proud and snobby....why? Well, he asked somewhere during lunch if I knew Chinese and I said I didn't, but the only thing I could do was write my name. He asked me to demonstrate. I did, on the paper napkin. He told me he was going to keep it and I was uneasy about that as I had never met him before and did not feel comfortable having him keep something of mine that was personal. So I said no but he insisted and I had to take away the piece of paper from him and with a charming smile, tore it up. He vowed in his mind at that time that he was going to marry me as a form of vengeance...we hung out with our group of friends, but there was never anything between us as he was scarred from my ripping up that piece of paper. Then, at another friend's birthday dinner about 3 months down the road we ended up sitting across from each other at the table. During the night, we took turns counselling and listening to a mutual friend and by night's end, I was curious about him and the ministry he did with theatre. I am involved in ministry as well, working with drug addicted youth on the streets of Lima, Peru and as a missionary, I am always interested in other people's ministries. I asked him over facebook if I could go see one of his works one day but when he told me the date and time, I had to decline due to another commitment. However, we ended up chatting on facebook till midnight that night. And again the following night and the night after and eventually we graduated to Skype with webcam. Within 2 weeks, he was sure how he felt about me and told me so with a poem he had written. And that was how it began.....


The Engagement...

Luis was due to be commissioned by our church for completing 4 years of study and church service on May 28th, 2011 and as part of the ceremony, he would receive a sword with his name engraved on it to signify that he is a keeper of the Word (of God) which is also called the Sword as it says in the bible that the Word is sharper than any double edged sword.. as well as being sent out as a "knight". I had bugged him that I would steal his sword from him and he had said that he would lend me it for a short period of time. That night, his family, our friends and my friends were there to celebrate with him. We all went out for dinner after the commissioning. And when all were gathered, he rose to make a speech before dinner was served. As he rose, I suddenly knew what he was going to do and I began to feel really nervous. 

Luis told everyone how special I am to him and how to him, I am God's blessing in his life. Then he said that he didn't have a ring but that he had one thing that he had worked for and cherished having and that was the sword he held in his hand and that he was asking me if I would do him the honour of keeping the sword and be his wife. On one hand I was mortified as he was doing this in front of everyone and I am a private person who would really have preferred that he did it in private and yet on the other hand, I couldn't wait to say yes. So by night's end, I got a sword and received a marriage proposal and now, I'm planning my wedding!!!!