Aug 29, 2009

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Well, it was HOT (over 110 degrees when the ceremony started) but beautiful! Here are some pics from our                                          awesome photographer Tressa Lefevre:




Married photo 1   Married photo 2   Married photo 3   Married photo 4

Married photo 5    Married photo 6   Married photo 7

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                              Lots of creams and greens and a little rustic...

  Wedding, Bouquet, Hydrangea, Blooms n blossoms

Details photo 1    Wedding, Decor, Marisa mike




Details photo 2     Details photo 3






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Here is my dress, It just came in and I am so excited about it! It's an Anjolique, style number 930. If you can't                                          tell, the back is my favorite part!



The Dresses photo 1




         The bridesmaids will be wearing different styles of Dessy dresses, all in a chocolate brown taffeta


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So we are getting married in the courtyard at Tra Vigne in Saint Helena, California on August 29,2009. We are doing both the ceremony and reception at the same spot. Here are some pics of Tra Vigne:


                                                        Tra Vigne





They already have lights hanging in the trees but  I want lots and lots so I bought extra hanging          votive holders and a candle chandelier to hang over the head table..ya a little crazy about the                                                             candles!