Dec 31, 2011

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Melissa Montgomery was amazing - she worked with the limited amount of lighting available and was sweet the whole time! I can't wait to see what magic she did! Here is her sneak peak!

Photos of the big day photo 1

Non-professional: We had our ceremony and cocktail reception in the same restaurant venue - it was perfect! the weather cooperated and we were able to light wishing lanters, Have sparklers at midnight, and even have a celebratory Mexican pinata!! It was a lot of fun!

Photos of the big day photo 2

Photos of the big day photo 3

Photos of the big day photo 4

Photos of the big day photo 5

Photos of the big day photo 6

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Since my husband to be is Mexican, we thought it would be appropriate to have a little latino mixed into our music selections.

Prior to procession: lounge music

1. Bridesmaid entrance: Somewhere Over the Rainbow - the Hawaiian ukeleleh version (sorry, can't think of his name off the top of my head!)

2. Bride entrance:

3. Post ceremony: lounge music

4. First Dance: Besame Mucho

5. Father & Daughter: I loved her first 

6. Party music! 


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We are very excited to have Melissa Montgomery be our wedding photographer. We love her organization, professionalism, and bubly nature. Please visit her at The Photographer photo 1

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Since we are getting married on New Years Eve, I wanted something rich and glittery. My bouquet will be a mix of cream and light pink. The bridesmaids will be cream.

All the centerpieces will be small round bouquets of white and cream roses. Surrounding them will be many white and cream candles. Some tables will only have candles of different sizes. We will also have tall glass vases with white ostrich plumes to give a height difference. Around the room will be white curly branches draped in crystals. Since we are getting married in December I want it to feel rich, sparkly and white like snow. Swatches care of

 The Decor photo 1 

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I love the look of long black bridesmaid dresses and have found the perfect ones from Nordstrom!


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I just love these cakes! If I decide to go with the one with the ribbon, I may choose the ribbon to be cream or white in colour since our colours are white and silver... 


Update...we are having cute little pink pop cakes instead! Since we are having a stand up cocktail wedding we thought it would be much easier to have a piece of cake on a stick rather than on a plate. A part of me will miss having one of these gorgeous cakes.

The Cake photo 1The Cake photo 2