Sep 02, 2012

I married my best friend on September 2, 2012, and I still love weddings and helping new brides with planning!
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I've been into the balloon decoration since seeing some very cool pictures...

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I want to fill the "bridal suite" with balloons to make for some fun getting ready pictures!! (Image from Martha Stewart). I bought balloons, now I just have to figure out how to blow them up without helium b/c I don't want them to float...Hmm...

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I want to do cupcakes because I feel like it would be cheaper than a cake? And, I love cupcakes better than cake for some reason, and FI wants cupcakes too, so we're all set. But I do love the way a good wedding cake looks. Here are some inspiration if we DO go with a cake. Plus, we will probably have a small cake for cutting if we do do cupcakes. All taken from my pinterest :)

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This is from PW's Schroerv's wedding :) I like the cake stands around the middle cake!


PURPLE VELVET!! I love red velvet, honestly, so good! So just add some blue dye in there, and you get purple.  


*EDIT AGAIN* 7/6/12: We have also decided to do bundt cakes. We will have a bundt cake to cut for ourselves like this except only one layer:


I am making cake stands, and we will incorporate them into centerpieces. 8 tables will have bundt cakes as centerpieces. Here is just a quick glimpse of my DIY cake stands:




We did not do purple velvet-still like the idea though :)

We did red velvet, funfetti, chocolate, and vanilla cupcakes. And red velvet, white chocolate raspberry, carrot, and chocolate bundt cakes. I want one right now!


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I got this from PW's Nidia112 b/c it was near the top of the search! :D

  • Reserve ceremony/reception venue-GRACE VINEYARDS!
  • Book wedding officiant-
  • Choose wedding party and confirm the participants-
  • Buy wedding bands-Shaneco.com
  • Draw up an initial guest list-Just waiting for feedback from both parents. Uh oh.
  • Order wedding dress-Went to Trudys Bridal in San Jose, CA :)
  • Dress Shopping with the BMs-
  • Buy wedding jewelry-Margaret is working on the jewelry
  • Buy veil-Bought birdcage veil from THIS Etsy seller
  • Buy garter- Unique Vintage
  • Book photographer-Chris Howard Imagery
  • Engagement Shoot-October 2nd!
  • Reserve a caterer-Fresh & Quick Catering is part of the venue
  • Possibly make my own photo booth?- Nope :(
  • Book live entertainment or DJ for reception-DJ Rue
  • Reserve florist-
  • Book MUA
  • Book Hair person
  • Register at Men's Warehouse
  • Order cake/cupcakes-Don't really need to order cupcakes until later
  • Register-
  • Book hotel rooms
  • Decide menu-Hawaiin Luau Buffet.
  • Make STDs-Postcards ordered from vistaprint
  • Mail STD's-
  • Order Invitations-Zazzle
  • Mail invitations-July 1st
  • Shopping with MOB Found an amazing dress/deal at JC Penny!!
  • Shopping with MOG-July 8th 
  • Choose outfits for FG
  • Get marriage license-July 19th
  • Finalize guest list-
  • Book Honeymoon
  • Order Grooms/GM attire-
  • Finish all other DIYs-
  • Write wedding vows-
  • Write wedding ceremony-
  • Make menu-chalkboard
  • Confirm the wedding music details with the DJ/officiant-July 30th with DJ Rue
  • Make programs-Do I even want to?-NOPE!!!
  • Purchase gifts for attendants
  • Make appointments for nails and make-up-August 31st
  • Schedule first dress fitting-July 7th
  • Schedule final dress fitting-July 28th
  • Plan the rehearsal dinner-Pietro's Italian Restaurant in Lodi
  • Bridal Shower-July 21st-My family is planning it :)
  • Bachelorette Party-Aug 11th-Sterling Hotel and Photographer are booked for girls night in photo shoot!!
  • Meet with photographer-August 28th
  • Finalize reception details-
  • Call any guests who have not replied-
  • Hair Trial-July 20th
  • Makeup Trial-August 4th
  • Confirm honeymoon reservations-
  • Finalize seating plan-
  • Determine the order for the procession-
  • Confirm accommodation reservations-
  • Confirm the final numbers with the caterer-
  • Deliver marriage license to the officiant-
  • Make Poladroid pictures as escort cards-
  • Write any checks required for the wedding day-
  • Pack for honeymooon-


DIY To-Do List

  • Card Box-started
  • cupcake Flags-started
  • Cake Stands-June 30th
  • cake topper
  • Poladroid Pictures-Print @Kinkos
  • Escort Card Display-
  • Invitations (Semi)
  • Tons of tissue poms! Ahh, I'm scared!
  • Alter Decor-It's a secret, I'm so excited!
  • A few other decor items




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We finally picked our venue...which secured our date for September 2, 2012! It was cheaper on a Sunday, and they didn't charge extra for it being Labor Day! Plus, our family doesn't really travel, so the fact that it's a holiday doesn't really matter :)


I was pleased that when we went there in person, it was just as pretty as the pictures online! My FI really liked this place more than the other venue we looked at, and since he doesn't have a lot of other things he really wants...it was an easy decision for us to go with: Grace Vineyards:

Our Venue photo 3Our Venue photo 4


(except they put a kind of ugly blue net over the pool now...)

So it will be an all outdoor wedding, weather should be beautiful in early September in Sacramento :)

I'm so excited! And I still have some freedom to decorate however I want!! YAY!!


**Sacramento brides: The other venue we looked at was an art gallery in downtown Sacramento called Beatnik Studios. It's pretty unique if you're planning on having less than 150 people!




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First of all, I hate when people say, "Oh those colors are popular right now." There are literally thousands of weddings every weekend...and only so many colors. So yea...these are the colors I really love together, so I'm doing it. Regardless of who else or what else is using it. End rant. haha.

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