Jul 28, 2012

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I'm enjoying the wedding planning process but am also anxiously wantingt to be married already.  I get rather OCD about planning and spend way too many late nights on Pinterest, Project Wedding, and other wedding websites. Instead of having over a year to plan, it might've been easier to have a shorter engagement so there'd be less time for me to obsess about it.  I'm a very type-A personality and organized - my other engaged girlfriends joke that I'm their role model and my single girlfriends say when they marry, they should hire me as wedding planner!  Even though planning a wedding is time-consuming, it's something I enjoy doing since it allows me to be creative...I'm an engineer, so it's nice to consider what's simply pretty vs. analyzing data and numbers...although being able to analyze numbers and data is good for budgeting and comparing vendors...

I know what I want, I know what I like, but I consider myself to be very frugal.  I love to shop and find bargains! And while I'm not a crafter, I'm open to DIY projects and am excited to try different projects, especially those that will personalize our wedding day and make it unique.  I've never really tested my crafting skills, however, so DIY projects make me nervous...especially when my bridesmaids live out of town or are not crafters themselves.

I'm lucky to be marrying a man who's been very supportive in the planning process and has been patient enough to actually attend a couple bridal shows with me and interview and book some of our vendors.  Of course, he's pretty awesome!  And his family is really great, too!  I'm only child, and he has 2 sisters and a brother.  His siblings, parents, and extended family have been very welcoming to me.  Even though they live out of town, they've offered to help and provided advice in the wedding preparation & planning process!

I want our wedding to be a celebration of our love and who we are, incorporating family and cultural traditions as much as possible.  Ethnically, I'm full Filipino and he's half Filipino and half Italian/White.  We're going for a romantic, classy feel, with authentic elements interspersed.  Our theme is black and white damask with accents of red, my favorite color.  My fiancee and the groomsmen will wear barongs (traditional Filipino formalwear).  I will be wearing a Maggie Sottero dress and the bridesmaids will be wearing Apple Red chiffon dresses in various styles from David's Bridal.  I LOVE to dance, so there MUST be dancing and good music at our reception.  We want our guests to have fun and remember what a good time they had at our wedding and how it was a true representation of us as a couple.