Oct 20, 2012

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I was living it Pittsburgh, PA and after a horrible breakup I decided to move back home to Maryland to be near my family. I grew up in MD but didn't keep in contact with many people from highschool so I didn't have many friends down there. To get to know some people, I joined a dating web site two months before I moved and clearly stated I was only looking to make friends. I stumbled upon my fiance's profile and thought he was really interesting. I sent him a message on a whim and we emailed each other back and forth every day. We eventually moved to texting and phone calls that lasted hours. We decided once I moved back to MD we'd go out somewhere to see each other in person. The night I moved into my home, we had went to Denny's (it was around 10pm when I finally got finished moving everything). We sat and talked and laughed for four hours!! My sides and face hurt so bad afterwards, and I knew then I wanted to keep him around. There was just that instant connection. He later said that he knew that night that I was going to be his wife one day. Coincidentally, after a few months of dating, we realized his best friend was dating my best friend!