May 28, 2011

Josh Goodman Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Josh and Jill are an amazing husband & wife photography team. We chose them because we loved their "signature look", but also, we instantly felt comfortable with them. They are truly talented and their work speaks for itself. The emotion that they capture in their pictures is unbelievable. They are great to work with and competely went above and beyond. Our wedding day was such a blur, but thanks to them, we can relive that day through our gorgeous pictures! We already have gotten so many compliments on our pictures and we can't wait to see our album!
Services used: Photography

Spanish Hills Country Club
( 1.8 / 5.0 )
We got married here recently and were rather disappointed. Here are the pros:

-beautiful venue. All of our guests commented on how beautiful our ceremony was and everyone loved the venue.

-food. The food is really good and we also got multiple compliments on the food.

-price. You can't really beat the price for the type of location and quality food that you get.

Overall, it is a great venue; however, we were really disappointed with the service. Don't expect any special treatment at all. You are just another $20K to them. They weren't accommodating at all when we tried to view the venue or set up our tasting. We don't live in the area and we had to work around their schedule. No exceptions at any time. At the rehearsal, the wedding coordinator was all over everyone about being on time, etc... Well the day of the wedding, we were ready to go at 5:45 pm and she was nowhere to be found. My husband was trying to find her, because it was complete chaos outside. He assumed she was inside with me, but she wasn't, because my Dad was also trying to find her. 6:00 rolls around and at this point, my Dad is beyond frustrated and actually, I've never seen him that angry in my life. We were told we had to be ready to go at 5:45 on the dot and here it is at 6:00 pm and still, no sign of the wedding coordinator. Eventually, she lines everyone up at 6:15. This is now a half hour later than planned. It might not seem like a long time, but a half an hour is a long time when everyone is anxious and nervous. And it gets worse....

My ring bearer walked down the aisle without the ring bearer pillow even though I had given it to the wedding coordinator the day before the wedding. The head table didn't have champagne for the "toast." How do you forget the head table? We paid for wine during dinner or at least it was included in our package, but wine was only served after my mother had to track the coordinator down to point out no wine was being served. By the time they started pouring wine, we were already finished with our meals. Granted, guests could go to the bar, but we paid for wine service. My mother had to eat her meal cold, because she was busy hunting down the wedding coordinator to remind them about the wine service instead of eating. I've been to some hole in the wall banquet halls that can manage to get the wine served on time with dinner, so it is inexcusable to me that a place that boasts about its "service" can't manage to do the same....

The cappuccino machine was included in our package and I had told a lot of guests about the cappuccino bar after dinner. Apparently, the cappuccino machine wasn't working, but that information was never relayed to us. They probably knew it wasn't working, but never mentioned it. We did receive a refund check in the mail, but still, they seemed to promise a lot that wasn't delivered in the end.

Also, the day of the wedding we decided to purchase some heat lamps for our cocktail hour. One of them wasn't working, but sure enough, we were still charged the full $75 for it. My husband has now followed up with the coordinator multiple times about getting a refund for the broken heat lamp. Normally, we would let it go; however, we were so fed up with everything that we decided to fight for our refund since we technically paid for something that didn't work. During the cocktail hour, my mom tried to find the wedding coordinator to tell her that we needed to switch the heat lamp since it wasn't working, but again, she was nowhere to be found. Funny enough...we haven't gotten a response and it has been over a month. I also left part of my veil there and was told they have it. My mother in law went to go pick it up, but they said they didn't have my veil. Again, I have followed up with the wedding coordinator multiple times and still, no response.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention the wedding crashers. You better not dare step foot on the "member" side, but apparently, the members can roam to the other side as my husband ran into some wedding crashers who were trying to decide whether they should pretend to know the bride or the groom. Our wedding was 150 people and we knew everyone in the room...nice try...but where was our banquet coordinator then? Not to mention while trying to take pictures on the "non-member" side, there was a "member" who decided to stand right in front of us, so our photographer couldn't take pictures...when politely asked to move, he refused, and reminded us that he was a member and we weren't, so he has a right to stand wherever he wants...

All of this might seem like small stuff and our guests probably didn't notice that wine wasn't being served, etc...but it was a big deal to us as we paid for our wedding on our own and it seemed as though they couldn't execute basic service tasks.
Services used: Wedding Venue

Women Of Weddings
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Kathleen is amazing! Words cannot describe how happy I was with her work! I felt beautiful, glamorous, and like a princess, which is exactly how I wanted to feel on my wedding day. I looked so tired and rundown the day of my wedding, but she transformed me into a beautiful bride! After my trial, I felt completely confident that I would love the way I looked on my wedding day and of course, I did. She also stayed through pictures and did touch ups. She also went the extra step and helped me bustle my dress since we short on time. I could not recommend Kathleen enough!
Services used: Beauty & Health