Jan 02, 2006

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Remember researching before renting your wheelchair will pay off.

Recently, I purchased a scooter to make short trips into town and save on gasoline.  I absolutely love the scooter and everything it has to offer.  I have reliable transportation with very good gas mileage (80mpg), and a fun fresh-air ride to and from my destinations.  I very rarely use my pickup truck anymore and people are starting to wave and even look on with envy when I scoot into town on my baby blue scooter.

I live on a fairly good-sized property with about 20 acres of meadow and some wooded trails.  The scooter is perfect for riding around my land and making quick trips to the barn to check on the farm animals.  Because I live off the beaten path, I don't have to worry about locking my scooter up and it sits in my driveway always ready to go when I need it.  I am a little worried about rust so I am considering getting a cover for my scooter.

I don't have to visit the gas pumps very often but when I do, I rarely put more than one or two gallons into the 3-gallon tank.  3 gallons will take me almost 250 miles so I always feel comfortable taking short trips and not worrying about filling up.  Sometimes it seems like the gas gauge needle never moves on my scooter.  My neighbors are always asking me about the gas mileage I get and I always tell them the same thing, "With a scooter, it's not the miles per gallon, it's the smiles per gallon."  They always laugh about that.

I wear a helmet when I take my scooter out on the state-maintained roads.  However, I don't usually wear it when I'm on my property.  The feeling is liberating and I enjoy feeling the wind on my face.  I do usually wear boots when I ride just for the comfort.  I don't recommend wearing flip-flops or going barefoot because there is always a chance you could take a spill or even burn your feet on hot pavement.

I find that I can keep pace with the traffic on the roads I travel with no problem.  45 mph is no problem and I love taking it slow when I can.  I usually don't have a problem finding a place to park because most places have motorcycle parking near the entrance.  I have two saddlebag baskets on either side of the rear wheel where I store things I purchase.  I can't carry anything big on my scooter but usually that is not a problem.

I found a good selection of 150cc scooters for sale online and that is where I purchased mine.  They come mostly assembled and it didn't take me long to have my scooter road-worthy.  Licensing and registration is at your state's discretion but I did have to get a tag since I drive it on the state roads.  Not very expensive in my state.

I haven't had any maintenance problems with my scooter and I have almost 2500 miles on it so far.  Oil changes and standard wear and tear come with the territory but other than that, it is very simple to keep up as long as you don't abuse it.
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I highly recommend traveling by scooter if you get the chance.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my scooter and I've even talked my sister into getting one.  I think she will like the feeling of freedom you experience on a scooter.  If you want to try before you buy, a lot of tourist destinations offer scooter rentals and you can't beat the veratility and economy of a scooter.