Jun 25, 2011

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( 0.2 / 5.0 )
Wedding Day:
11 faces with only two artists. Despite my hesitation, I was assured that two artists were sufficient. The day was a COMPLETE DISASTER. Angelina did 3 of my bridesmaids, myself and was in a rush to leave. She left AN HOUR before the contracted time and left without touching-up any of the bridesmaids she did or myself! I (the bride) wasn't even provided a touch-up kit...Angelina left a few oil blotters on the table for me as she left. Any brides hiring this company, WATCH YOUR CONTRACT and SPECIFY your needs because you only get ONE CHANCE for your day.

Runaway Maid of Honor:
One of my maid of honors didn't like her makeup at all. There were different foundation colors in each section of the face, no concealment of blemishes, false eyelashes came off since they probably were glued incorrectly , Angelina hurt the bottom corner of the eye while trying to scrape off lash glue with a very sharp tool and the eye make-up wasn't blended in well. My maid of honor realized that Angelina had a tight schedule and waited patiently for her to get through and finish make-up for the other girls before coming back to fix the maid of honor's make-up. PROBLEM--Angelina left already! My maid of honor ended up jetting to hollywood (far from our venue but if you saw her face you would let her go to hollywood too) to get her makeup redone. This was a HUGE PROBLEM because we were supposed to take most of our pictures before the ceremony. We weren't able to take any wedding party photos, bridesmaid photos or even family photos (she's my sister). Angelina was kind enough to call me to try to come back/provide a refund but it honestly would have been better if she stayed around to see if she needed to fix anything/provide touch-ups...she left AN HOUR EARLY and by the time she drove back to our venue would she really have time to work on us? You simply CANNOT GIVE A REFUND FOR TIME.

Bridal makeup:
My makeup didn't look like my trial, it was SLOPPY and RUSHED. Foundation looked thick (my smile lines were cracking), cakey and PINK (I'm Asian and yellow-toned), blush had bright reddish stripes not blended out properly, eyes looked like dark blocks and were half-finished! To be honest I looked like a bad-looking version of myself. The assistant makeup artist (Sai) tried to fix my entire face (whether foundation, eyes, blush etc.) but to no avail it's kind of like trying to refrost a bad looking just doesn't work! Even though unspoken, judging from Sai's expressions as she tried to fix my wasn't a pretty sight. Overall we were completely out of time (something ALL MADE UP should have thought about beforehand before sending over only 2 artists for 11 people). I give credit to Sai for trying to stay back to try to fix/touch up ALL of us (even the bridesmaids Angelina did).

I give this company one star for their professionalism. Vivian seemed very apologetic and offered a refund for both myself and my maid of honor. This really doesn't make up for the chaos that was created by this company. As much as I appreciate their professionalism AFTER THE FACT...where was the professionalism on my wedding day? If I can turn back time, I WOULD NOT HAVE HIRED ALL MADE UP TEAM.
Services used: Beauty & Health

Jennifer Yamauchi {Wedding & Events Consultant}
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I normally just stalk this website but decided to create an account just so I can write this review! Hands down Jenn is the BEST and MOST VALUABLE vendor decision we made. If she were to charge double what we paid her, I (even my frugal husband) would gladly pay her in a heartbeat!

Jenn is a total gem in the rough. She doesn't even have a website! We found her through our photographer after being unsatisfied with the 5 other planners I interviewed. She is one of the most SWEET, genuine, calm and caring people you'll ever meet. She's like a best friend who was the "super bride" I wanted to be, passionate and was always bursting at the seams with fresh ideas. I had a vintage style wedding...she shopped for me at flea/antique markets and even with me for potential reception/ceremony ideas during her SPARE time...she really went above and beyond her duties! She a did a great job at voicing what I wanted during vendor meetings (which she didn't have to attend) and even fought for me until we got our flowers right (to be honest I wanted to settle for our flowers but she gave me a nudge to go to more meetings with her til' our florist got our vision down to a tee...thanks for the push Jenn!). She's so easy to talk to and really "got me" even when I couldn't describe what I was going for. She was genuinely as excited about our wedding as if it was her own!

Don't let me get started on accessibility. She's SO ORGANIZED, professional and tech saavy. She created spreadsheets that were SO DETAILED and easy to use. I had to delete all the ones I made before hiring her and used all of hers instead. She had stuff on there you wouldn't even think about! Her corporate event planning background really did her well. Her timelines were so detailed and organized (she even had a different versions according to who you were in the wedding party and even one for extended family and friends! AMAZING!). She would also save ideas and pictures she came across online and pasted them to a google book we shared so we both constantly had access to each other ideas at all times. I was also always able to reach her whether phone, text, picture messages or email.

Everyone was so impressed with our wedding and had nothing but great things to say about Jenn. She was really the backbone of our special day and things wouldn't have gone as smoothly without her. I can go on and on...she's wonderful and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Services used: Wedding Planning

Mebo Photobooth
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
At first we were hesitant on hiring a photobooth because we didn't like we saw. Alot of times what you see is a max of 4 people in front of the screen with half their faces cut off. We have 6 bridesmaids, 6 groomsmen and a BIG family...we wanted more than 4 people in one picture at all times!

MEBO saved the day! 10-15 bodies can fit because what they provide was a white backdrop for you to stand in front of and NO BOX/BOOTH (being the fashionista, a neutral background was VERY important), unlimited prints (usually companies give you two strips) and an endless amount of cool props! Which other photobooth company will allow my husband to be flipped upside down with ten friends in the back?! Their picture quality is also unbelievable! It looks like it was taken by a professional photog.

What I liked most about this company was the husband and wife team (Neilsen and Lucy). Neilsen did a wonderful job on our logo! It matched our vintage invites that were sent out...lace and all! He also sent multiple proofs with different color and text options. Lucy was the happiest/friendliest gal I've ever met! Our guests loved her! She gave our guests (myself included) cool and fun ideas when we got stuck and guided us on how to execute the perfect jumping picture. Even the older adults couldn't stop going to get their picture taken!

Services used: Photography