May 27, 2011

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I had THE BEST experience at AniA Bridal. I had a unique situation in that my first wedding dress was ruined by my seamstress (she was not associated with AniA, and my first dress was not from this store.) I finally accepted that my dress would not be wearable and that I would have to find a new one 2 months before my wedding. I was so stressed out and distraught by this! However, Morgan, of AniA bridal, was my hero. She made me feel comfortable and at ease as soon as I met her. She was very professional, offered me something to drink, took me back to where I'd be trying on dresses and intently listened to me describe my dream wedding dress. She was very empathetic to my situation and treated me like she was helping her best friend rather than someone she had just met. Luckily for me, AniA just had a sample sale. Morgan listened to the things I said I liked and didn't like in a wedding dress, and I was shocked at how many gorgeous dresses she pulled for me to try on that I loved. When I had originally looked at other bridal shops, dresses that the associates pulled for me made me wonder if they were even listening to what I said I wanted. Her style is impeccable and I quickly learned I could trust her on all her suggestions and opinions. She was extremely patient with me the whole time, never making me feel rushed or pressured. She even asked me half way through our session if I had changed my mind about having something to drink as we were running a little long. UNBELIEVABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! The other girls who worked there were also very sweet. After I decided on a dress, one of the girls behind the cashier's desk asked if she could give me a hug which was very welcomed! I could go on and on with more details about this wonderful experience but I'll stop rambling and recommend this: Make sure you make an appointment at AniA if you're looking for a wedding dress. You will not be disappointed! I can guarantee you I will be bringing in all my friends when they get engaged!
Services used: Dress & Attire