Sep 08, 2012

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We have been engaged for two years, finally decided it was time for the wedding.

ill be a married lady at the age of 21 :)

to the most handsome respectful guy Mr. Kevin Robert Cook

he'll be the age of 23

together we're inseperable <3

Our minds together bring brilliance, we take each other into consideration and respect one another. without trust there is no relationship, as kevin always tells me. i trust him with my life!




Kevin was home from work late, he had a button up with the little pocket thing on the left side of his chest, i didnt know the ring was in the pocket, so i went to give him a hug and felt something so i grabed a box and he freaked because i wasnt supose to see it yet. he told me it was something for work, i believed him. lol later that night, he woke me up at midnight, he told me, i wanna spend the rest of my life with you, i cant hold or keep this in any longer, stephanie danielle contreras will you marry me. of course i was still half asleep! lol but yes, of course yes! :)


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We were both looking for love, to be understood, to be respected.

Kevin and I met on-line, yes it is true.

Dispite all the comments my family made, i knew in my heart he truly was the one. we'll be together 4 years in April.

 Yes the day did come, were i was asked to spend my life with him.

He is the most understanding, most loving human being i have ever known!; and I'm happy to know that i was the one to capture his heart.

He's the best decision i've ever made

We have our differences, we aren't the perfect couple, but deep in my heart he is the one I'm constantly thinking about, the one i worry for. He's my best-friend, my inspiration. i am who i am today because of him. and I'm constantly thanking GOD for this miracle he's brought me! :)

and now on Septemeber 8, 2012 i'll spend eternity with him <3

p.s don't think i've ever been this excited/happy before!!