Jun 07, 2008

Harry's Loft
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Youve waited for this day, your wedding day, and it has finally arrived. The flowers are beautiful the dress is gorgeous and the Cater is serving the chicken, and its a leg???? Making a very long story short, I contracted Harry's Offsite Catering for my wedding and Venetia was very attentive when trying to acquire the contract but as time passed so did her attentiveness. At the end of the day you hope that the professional you hire would be just that. I am not saying they were not nice they were but I will let you be the judge A few facts: They served my guest a chicken leg and thigh - Have you ever been served that at a wedding? I did not know that I was suppose to ask for the breast but apparently if you dont specify then they can serve what ever they like. They did not provide the Bride and Groom with appetizers - When I wrote to Venetia her response was "they could not find you"??? SO why not ask us if we had the opportunity of trying them while we were seated at out table. I ask for an excessive amount of dessert because we did not want a traditional wedding cake we wanted a dessert buffet. They made it seem like everything was OK, upon glancing over I notice a horrific sheet cake with green petals and a purple flower. For me this was the worst offense of all considering I did not want a wedding cake and this looked like a cheap wedding cake. I requested, Tiramisu, Pecan tart, chocolate moose, chocolate covered strawberries and something plain and vanilla. When I asked about this the reply was disrespectful and my question was not answered, how does sheet cake fit in with all the other desserts options. Last the flavor was not as intense as it was at our tasting. So for you meticulous brides here is a warning. I paid more then necessary in hopes of getting a better than service what I received was lacking. You decide. Oh and no matter whom you use don't forget to specify the cut of me because apparently in the contract it states that they can use whatever they like, or something along those lines.
Services used: Catering, Wedding Venue