Mar 16, 2012

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Ollie and I met on April 25th, 2009.  That day would be a complete life changer for me, little did I know it.  From a friend and my sister I had heard about him on and off, but didn't think anything too seriously about it.  To me, he was just another person I would probably be destined not to meet.  Around that time, my sister (we are close in age, and had similar friends in the past) had begone hanging out with a completely new group of people that I didn't think I'd ever meet.  I was caught up in someone who wasn't worth all the time and energy, who didn't even want me, and was babysitting on the weekends which pretty much took up my all of my weekend. 

One of my friends at the time had begone dating Ollie's brother (They got married this past April) so I figured maybe now I'd eventually meet them.  But as I stated, I wasn't too worried about it.  One day, by chance, I wound up getting a phone call from my sister saying someone couldn't go camping with them and that she really wanted me to come.  They had been a few times before, but there was never enough room for me to go.  I said I probably wouldn't get off in time, but that I really wanted to.  Finally, I wanted to do something fun, and something to get over aformentioned someone.  Turns out, I got off in time! The lady got off of work early and I was able to go.  And so, I went.  I even invited a guy who had liked me recently so I wouldn't be the only "new" person, but he was too busy, or something. I don't know, it obviously doesn't matter now.

My sister picks me up and they are washing clothes, getting everything together, and trying to figure out if this "Ollie" could go.  Apparently, they really really really loved him and wanted him around for everything.  He seemed like a cool person so I was kind of excited to meet him and make a new friend.  I had already made a few new acquientences that day, so it was fun.  Turns out, he couldn't go. Well, I wasn't too worried about it.  I didn't know him and so I figured some other time.  We finish getting ready, we were well behind schedule, and just as we were getting ready to leave, he calls and tells them to come pick him up.  So we do. 

We were in a truck so of course I was stuck chilling in the back and the other two were up front.  He runs across the street with a lot of energy, hugs the hell out of my sister, and turns to me.  His words were, "Hey, I'm Ollie. I like your hat."  It would turn out that the black cowboy hat I randomly picked up and put on at the other friend's house would be his. Oops. From there, he jumped in the back and we started talking.  I remember him having the prettiest smile and the cutest nervous laugh I had ever heard.  He was honestly the most beautiful person I had ever seen, even under a bronze street light.  The entire drive there we talked and laughed and smiled.  Most of what I said probably went straight in one ear and out the other, though, because for 1) it was hard to hear and 2) I just talk too much. :) While camping we tried to swim and froze in the water, danced (more like wiggled) to some crazy music, tripped over stuff, played silly games by the fire, told jokes, and just had a great time.  It was easily, already the best night of my life.

The best part about that night was walking around on the sand bar looking for my phone with him.  I had stupidly left it when everyone was swimming and had to go look for it.  I'm afraid of the dark (cliché) and he of course offered to go with me (cliché again).  I honestly didn't think he liked me.  Not like that, anyways.  I thought we would be really good friends but that he just wasn't going to be attracted to me.  While walking, our conversation never missed a beat, and randomly, he held my hand.  I didn't know what to do.  I was just that happy.  My stomach was crazy and from what he told me years later, it was one of the hardest things he ever forced himself to do, he was that nervous.  Everything from then on was perfect, and has been perfect to do this day.  I wouldn't change my love for him and the challenges we have overcome for anything in the world. 


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I am going to be married away on March 16th, to the most amazing man I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He is goofy, funny, immature, a little extreme, hard-working, and a good ole country boy who compliments me very well.  He is my knight, he picks me up when I'm upset, and supports every decision I want to make.  We are complete opposites, yet we are exactly the same.  He completely takes care of me and spoils me so much.  I've never met anyone who has cared about me as much as he has.  He will literally do anything for me and is always by my side. 

This is him being silly... and hot n' sweaty:

This Love My Good Ole Country Boy photo 1  This Love My Good Ole Country Boy photo 2This Love My Good Ole Country Boy photo 3This Love My Good Ole Country Boy photo 4This Love My Good Ole Country Boy photo 5

and this is him driving his little blue beast. :)

He can be the sweetest, funniest person in the world, and also be the most serious, hardworking, and down to earth person I know.  Best of all... he puts up with ME! Well, we put up with each other and I'm glad we love each other enough to be able to work through anything and everything together. :)