Dec 12, 2012

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My name is Ashlea and my FI is Tim. We have tentavily set our date for a DW for 12-12-12 and a NYE reception back home. I have no idea what theme- colors- or style any of this will be! I have time I know- but I'm also freaking out! 


Tim and I have 3 children (T-2, M-1). Our kids have gone to daycare together since the oldest were 6mo. old...I always had an incredibly strong attraction to his youngest and we would often play together way past leave time. I remember seeing Tim p/u his kids and he would have this look on his face,- 'whos that crazy lady and why does she always have my kid!' Fast forward long story- I became interested in physical therapy and young children - in which the youngest one one afternoon I asked Tim if I could attend a PT session with DS- he agreed and we exchanged information and well....its been history ever since. LOL- About 7 months after we started officially dating- I quit work to sah with the kids and just this past spring started back to school myself. 

Its been a crazy road and hills and rugged terrain but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I've never seen myself settling down with anyone- and since I met Tim - I never saw my life any other way. He makes me smile when I don't want to, and he is always on my level- He is my caretaker, my rock, and my strength to succeed in life. I've never had anyone believe in me the way he does :)