Aug 03, 2013

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I met Mr. Dawes through a mutual friend who I have known since childhood. In a few months I had intended on finally leaving moving to Texas….to say the least the best things in life appear at the least expected moment.

 I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight but we quickly realized we had a very strange and intense connection. During a group horseback ride Ryan and I rode together discussing our odd interest for Zombies, old western movies, shooting guns and the importance of family. We have not gone one day since our idyllic ride without speaking to one another. 

Although we lived three hours apart, if we were lucky enough to avoid LA traffic, we saw each other every weekend. Ryan proposed to me after a romantic dinner in which we sipped on the most amazing mojitos (we actually are serving these for the toast at our wedding). He had mentioned a beach nearby and requested us adventuring over to it after dinner. We had planned on attending the Del Mar Fair immediately after dinner and I thought it a great idea to walk off the seafood we had consumed before terrorizing ourselves on the intimidating rides. As a person who loves to take photographs of EVERYTHING I was so pleased that from a high bluff on the beach I had a perfect skyline view of the fair lights. As it was evening and I was busy snapping away I had not realized Ryan had taken a step behind me and had been waiting ever so patiently on his knee. Upon turning around I saw the man of my dreams holding a tiny box lit with an actual LED light which was shining down on the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. He claims he had no planned speech, which worked out for him because before a single word left his lips I was down hugging him with everything I had. 

We finished the evening with a quixotic ferris wheel ride rather than the daunting rides I had so looked forward to.  He even won the most ridiculously cheap carnival stuffed animal, which unfortunately I must now keep forever…thank goodness for storage units!

Not a single day goes by that Ryan does not make my heart smile. I feel so incredibly blessed to know that rather than having one single moment of being “lovestruck,” I wake every single day with that very same feeling. We are to be wed in August of 2012 in the exact church my parents we married in over twenty years ago. We are also expecting our first child this coming April….just a few days before my birthday. There is nothing more special than to be able to share the love we have for one another with someone else.

Thank you for reading my story about the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can only hope that you yourself have the same opportunity to be loved unconditionally.



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After barbecuing at a friends house who is to be a bridesmaid, both Eden and Ryan tricked me into continuing with packing my apartment while unknowingly they went to the jewelry store.

I also thought nothing of it when he later changed our dinner plans with his cousin. We never did get to enjoy meals to ourselves so I thought it a nice gesture when he mentioned just the two of us. He had planned on us eating a bite at a restaurant which overlooks the Del Mar Fair in San Diego. We shared a wonderful meal which ended with the tastiest treat one could imagine. Banana cheesecake with strawberries and a chocolate crust....sorry off track!

Afterwards Mr. Dawes mentioned the beach right across the street. As I love to take pictures I mentioned the bluff as I started to climb up. I stood snapping away with a beautiful exciting display of lights in front of me and a gorgeous peaceful ocean scene behind me. I then realized Ryan was no longer at my side and after turning around I see him on one knee holding a leather box with a light shining on this beautiful ring. Before he could say a word I was hugging him with all of my might.

We ended the night wasting money on silly games and amazingly disgusting fair foods. He won me a stuffed animal and we enjoyed the night atop a lit Ferris wheel. 

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We met under the most perfect, not so-perfect circumstances through a friend who is to be the maid of honor. A one hour afternoon horseback ride is all it took for us to realize there was chemistry. We discussed how we adored old classic westerns, Zombie novels/movies/memorabilia, guns and Star Wars. Neither being from California we sensed common Midwestern we are both tall, something he always loved! 

I was to be moving at the end of June 2011 to Austin, Texas and thought nothing could get in my way....Ryan and I started dating just a few weeks after meeting and talked everyday on the phone up to that point.