Jun 04, 2011

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Big Hits DJ Entertainment did an incredible job at my June 2011 wedding. We worked with Gerry, the owner, to plan our DJ, MC and lighting services. He is a ball of energy, but is so enthusiastic about what he does, that we were confident in what we would be getting. We gave him a playlist and Big Hits stuck to it. Despite a minor hiccup when playing our entrance song for the reception, Big Hits delivered every single thing we asked of them. Since I am Indian-American and my now-husband is Irish-American, we had two sets of guests who were used to very different types of music. Keeping the crowd dancing and happy all night would be a challenge for a normal DJ, but Big Hits accepted the mission without one ounce of hesitation and did such a great job, that one of my uncles even went up to the DJ after the reception and thanked him for playing such great music through the night. A few weeks after the wedding, a friend of mine went out of his way to tell me that he couldn't believe how well the Indian music was mixed with American music - the flow of beats was so synchronous that you almost didn't notice there had been a change in genre, and no one felt that they had to sit down when there was music they were unfamiliar with. Our MC was great too, keeping us informed through the night as to what would happen next, making sure to ask us our preferences for certain things, and executing everything perfectly. The lighting was beautiful. I had expected just uplighting around the room, gradually changing to different colors through the night, but Bigh Hits went a step further and set-up a lighting scheme for the raised ceiling at our venue, which created a whole other layer of dimension to the room. I would definitely recommend Big Hits to anyone who wants to have a great party!
Services used: DJ

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( 4.8 / 5.0 )
I had a positive experience at Kleinfeld from the minute I walked in the door. I live in Manhattan, so I stopped by to make my appointment and requested Keasha as my consultant, thinking that it would be a long shot. To my surprise, my Keasha was available, and is exactly like she is on TV - such a character! She listened intently about what I was looking for, ventured off into dress-land to find the perfect dresses for me, and when I found one that I thought might be "it," she let me explore the inventory in the back rooms myself to make sure there was no other dress I wanted to try on. She even peeked into all of the other dressing rooms to make sure there was nothing in there that I would want to try on. I must say that the selection at Kleinfeld beats every single bridal salon I had tried up until that point (which was about six or seven). I was there for more than 3 hours! Granted, this was a weekday, but I never once felt that I was being rushed. She found Randy to come and give me an opinion on me in my dress, and after giving me the up-and-down, his comment was "stunning." I also met Ronnie, the owner, and a few of the other consultants from Say Yes to the Dress. Keasha even hooked me up with a discount on the dress, and found the perfect veil to match. She asked me to add her on Facebook, so I did, and we exchanged a few messages back and forth afterwards. My fittings were just as great. Ellie was my fitter, and I have never seen such patience in any tailor. My dress had almost 15 layers of tulle in the skirt and a ton of detail, and Ellie was always very meticulous and attentive. She listened to my concerns and found ways to address them without hesitation. I would recommend Kleinfeld to any bride - request Keasha and Ellie! You will not be disappointed.
Services used: Dress & Attire

Macys Wedding Registry
( 4.4 / 5.0 )
We registered with Macy's during one of their "Sip and Scan" registry events, which was a lot of fun - free appetizers and "mocktails," DJ, florist, etc. There were also a handful of other freebies and giveaways. Our registry was easy to adjust online, and when I called asking for help in determining who had sent a specific gift, they were friendly and were able to direct me to where I could find the information on the website. The only reason I am not rating them a 5 is because I received about three or four of my registry items from multiple people. I am not sure if the purchases were recorded improperly, or if my guests forgot to mention they were buying the items as part of my registry, but given that this happened multiple times, I would encourage Macy's to take steps to prevent this in the future (e.g. perhaps train their sales people to ask customers if they are purchasing gifts from a registry at checkout, if feasible).
Services used: Unique Services

( 2.6 / 5.0 )
My wedding was a two-day event - with the first day being an Indian wedding ceremony, and the second day being a Catholic wedding ceremony at a church, followed by a reception at another venue.

I will start with the bad news first. The following is a list of my complaints for each day.
Day 1 (Indian Wedding Ceremony):
1. The centerpieces had roses, and I had specifically requested not to have roses, but instead calla lilies and orchids. The vases were supposed to be spray painted gold, as they were when I saw the mock centerpiece for my ceremony. This is not how they were executed; therefore, they did not match our other decor.
2. The Pedestals truck was parked in front of the venue entrance when we arrived, which was close to the start time of my ceremony and when the guests were arriving. This is not the first thing I would want my guests to see as they arrive at the venue.
3. We were to be provided with two bags of rose petals for use during the Indian ceremony. Since this was not provided, we had to pick apart the roses in the centerpieces to have enough petals.
4. We discussed the Mandap (structure under which a bride and groom have an Indian wedding ceremony) having deep red and gold fabric. There was no red fabric on the Mandap, but instead there was white, which we had specifically asked not to have for religious reasons.
5. We paid for an aisle runner, with tall, clear vases along the aisle and tulle hanging in between the vases. There was no aisle runner or tulle, and the vases were placed in a row next to the Mandap instead.

Day 2 (Catholic Wedding Ceremony/Reception):
1. My wedding ceremony began at 2:00 PM and Pedestals was supposed to be delivering floral decorations and a wagon for my flower girl (she was only 1 and not walking yet) to the church between 1pm and 1:30pm. They arrived 8 minutes prior to the ceremony. Not only was this a burden, as my guests had to see the hustle and bustle of setting up the ceremony decorations while they were sitting and waiting for the ceremony to start, but my ring bearers and flower girl had intended to practice with the wagon prior to the ceremony, but were unable to do so because of the late delivery. This caused much stress for the kids' parents.
2. I had requested pink and purple flowers for my hair, which were supposed to be placed on wires that could be inserted into my up-do. No flowers were provided for my hair. This is probably the most disappointing of my complaints, because a bride spends a great amount of time thinking about her wedding day look, and I was left to improvise, taking one of the groomsmen's boutonnieres and considering taking apart my bouquet to make this work.
3. My bouquet was not what I wanted. I did not want any white in my bouquet and specifically requested pink and purple flowers and not many (if any calla lilies). Instead, my bouquet was almost all calla lilies and mostly white.
4. The groomsmen boutonnieres were delivered to the hotel when I had specified that they should be delivered to the church instead, since only myself and the bridesmaids would be at the hotel. I had to instruct the delivery men what to do with the boutonnieres on the day of my wedding.

I was promised a typed list of all items being provided on each day at least two weeks before the wedding and never received it. I asked for this list several times in the months leading up to my wedding. I believe a lot of the above complaints could have been avoided if I was provided with an adequate list, and if Pedestals was not so ambiguous on what was being provided for the price being paid (e.g. providing clients with itemized lists/prices).

Now for the good news:
1. I worked with Robert throughout the process, and he was very friendly during our meetings.
2. Robert created a centerpiece preview for my reception on Day 2. We had three different types of centerpieces, and they were completely unique and spectacular - we were obviously trying to incorporate some fusion cultural elements into our reception, and Robert added Bells of Ireland flowers to the centerpieces in honor of my Irish-American now-husband, which I thought was a nice touch.
3. We had Pedestals do ceiling draping in our reception ballroom, and it turned out beautifully - with crystals, flowers and votives, which tied into our centerpieces.
4. I received many compliments from guests on our centerpieces the day of the wedding.

Despite the good news above, I can't wholeheartedly recommend Pedestals as a florist/decorator. The logistical challenges in getting in touch with them and working with them, as well as the uncertainty about what you will actually receive on the day of your wedding, might be too much of a risk if you want a stress-free wedding day. You will likely pay less for another florist as well, making the negatives outweigh the positives.
Services used: Flowers

( 4.6 / 5.0 )
I bought both the earrings and bracelet I wore at my wedding from Tejani in NYC. The shopping experience in their showroom was extremely positive - they gave me time to look at the jewelry on my own, try on as many items as I wanted, and take time to make a decision. The selection was gorgeous, but very expensive for fake jewelry, which is my only complaint. Relatively speaking though, it was cheaper than wearing real white gold/platinum and diamond pieces, so at the end of the day, it might be worth it for brides who want to "look like a million bucks" but not pay that amount.
Services used: Jewelry