Jun 18, 2011

Designer Weddings of Kansas City
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Erin Volante Floral
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Erin did a beautiful job with our Wedding flowers. I met with a few other people and she is the only one that truly understood my vision. We did beautiful wild orchids and other exotic flowers. The Bridesmaid bouquets, bouts and corsages were all perfect. She did pearl wrist corsages for the Mother's that were so unique and beautiful. My bouquet was made of Picasso Calla Lilies and was stunning! Erin was so easy to work with. She helped me get me dream flowers on my tight budget!
Services used: Flowers

Judi's Bakery
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Judi's Bakery did an awesome job with our cake. It was exactly what we wanted. They offer very good pricing and are easy to work with. The cake was delicous and beautiful. We also did a Mizzou Grooms Cake which turned out awesome. We had some left over and ate it for a month it was so good!
Services used: Wedding Cake

Staley Farms Golf Club
( 4.4 / 5.0 )
Staley Farms made planning a Wedding reception a breeze!! Our reception was beautiful and the food was amazing. All of the guest commented on how delicious the food was. The staff was so nice and Lauren was so great to work with. They did all the set up, decorating and clean up. All I had to do was drop off the decor with a few instructions. I did not have to be there to decorate or meet vendors the day of which made it so stress free! They do require you to use their food and alcohol but it is amazing and you don't have to stress about other vendors!
Services used: Wedding Venue

Tiffany Franklin Hair and Makeup Artistry
( 0.8 / 5.0 )
I was a very dissapointed with Tiffany on the Wedding day. I had made a schedule for the wedding day months before and the week before the wedding she emails me and wanted to come 2 hours later because she is bringing an assistant. Knowing what time I needed to be ready and that hair and make up always takes longer then you plan I hestitantly agreed to moving the time by one hour. Tiffany was a little late and did not bring the assitant. My hair took almost an hour and just was not what I wanted. She did adjust it but I was still a little weary. My make up also took longer then expected and we made a few adjustments. She seemed to rush through the Bridesmaids hair but they turned out very pretty. We did run over an hour late because of this. If we would have just stuck with my initial plan we would have been fine. My hair did stay in place all day but looked a little plastered in pictures. We took all our pictures before the ceremony in 90 degree heat with humidity and my make up lasted pretty well. It did crack and flake a little after sweating outside for an hour so I had to reapply before the ceremony. In the end I think Tiffany did a good job I just wish we would have followed my original plan and not been rushed.

EDIT - After posting this review I received a very rude email from Tiffany attacking me and my wedding party. She was defensive and said that my expectations were too high. (Im sorry what Bride doesn't want to look great on their wedding day?) Instead of apologizing that a customer was unhappy she blamed me and took no fault on her own services. It was very rude, unprofessional and inappropraite.

UPDATE - Please read response from Vendor below and ask yourself if you want to work with someone like that on your Wedding day? Every word she says are lies to cover up how truly unprofessional she is. My other vedors got great reviews because they were great to work with and after following up with all of them they feel the same about me. It is true I called the Trolley driver to check on him because he was running late but I never yelled or was rude at all. Just asked if he needed help or directions. Hiring Tiffany was the only regret I have on my wedding day. Please question yourself if you are thinking about hiring her.
Services used: Beauty & Health
Tiffany Franklin Hair and Makeup Artistry

Thank you for the review, I am glad you were happy in the end however, I wish you would have read my contract before leaving your review.
It does state that times are always subject to change for one.. Second, your trolly was late and you waited an hour to leave….so I did not make you late as you were late already. I cancelled my assistant because we were running ahead of time.
I have never taken an hour ½ to do anyone’s hair…. Why yours took sooo long was I believe your expectations. I thought your hair looked beautiful as did your wedding party

Lastly I worked very hard on you and your wedding party. I have never done a wedding and been treated so rudely. I was there for 6hours and you did not as much offer me a glass of water…. Your mother in law failed to pay me for her makeup as well.
This was an upset for me as well… I generally love my job and the people I work with are pleasant as well

I hope you treat others in your life a bit better.

Best wishes to you

After my email she left me a nasty review because she was so hot tempered. Her other vendors were treated the same. She yelled on the phone at the trolley driver when I was there as well in front of her entire wedding party. I am sure all her vendor reviews were similiar as she was the most demanding, unappropriate person I have ever worked with