Sep 02, 2012

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Hello PW Ladies,

So it's been a couple of days since I've been on PW. Honestly, i needed a mental break from weding planning. As you already know I have my venue booked and we have also decided on a colr scheme. I am truly a purple/grey/rose BRIDE!!! That's it...there's no changing my mind about Since my last post I have also booked my Photographer. I was lucky enough to have a great friend who life's hobby and passion is photography. He is SOOO blessed with talent. He cut a crazy deal for my wedding. He will be doing my engagemet photos and my wedding day photos for under $1000. In his package he is throwing in all types of fun things for us, including several albumns, photo montages of fiance and I, wedding DVD set to several songs of our choice, A matted photo for people to sign at the wedding, and lots more. CAN YOU SAY GREAT DEAL!!!!!! I'm not sure about everyone else, but some photographers I've seen don't offer half of the things he is, for the price he giving it to me. VERY EXCITED!!! Too bad he doesn't want to persue his hobby as a full time job. I really think he has great talent to go far.

Here are some example of his work. Enjoy the eye candy brought to you by

Angel Jimenez Mmb Digital Photography:

new page photo 1new page photo 2new page photo 3new page photo 4new page photo 5

new page photo 6new page photo 7new page photo 8new page photo 9new page photo 10


Can you see why I am in LOVE.....


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Wedding Venue Booked photo 1Photo 1 of Lime Spring FarmPhoto 31 of Lime Spring FarmPhoto 5 of Lime Spring Farm


So here is were my wedding is going to take place. I am so excited. Lime Spring Farm in Lancaster, Pa is the perfect place for a wedding. It is quiet, secluded, and beautiful. Pictures definately do not do the place justice. The best thing of all, there is a twizzler factory near by, and you can smell the sweetness in the air.

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MOST of my bio viewable by friends only so that I can keep some elements of surprise for my friends and family!
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So I always knew that I wanted to incorpoate the color purple in my wedding. It has always been my favorite color, and I think it looks beautiful and elegant on anyone. My problem in choosing my wedding colors was trying to decide what shade of Purple i wanted to use. Mr. C and I decided on going with a dark plum/eggplant & grey/gunmetal. Here is some purple and grey eye candy to feast your eyes on. What do you think?

Color Inspiration photo 1Color Inspiration photo 2Color Inspiration photo 3Colors Lots of Purple photo 6

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Mr. C and I started off like most couples do. We met, became great friends, fell in love, and moved in together. Not all back to back, but you get the I have to say that I knew very early on in our relationship that he was the one for me. He always seemed to brighten my day whenever he was around. Being that I was a single mother at the time when Mr. C and I met, I really had the mindset that I was going to simply be a mom. I was happy with. It was fulfilling to me. But after being with him, I can't picture my life with out him. I'm so happy that on April 2, 2011 he  showed me that he felt exactly the same way!!!!

I'm excited for what the future holds. The planning, the big day, and growing old with my best friend. I was never one for fairy tales, but after finding my souldmate, I'm looking forward to my happily ever after...