Jul 28, 2012

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In May of 2008, I had just moved back to my home town after a disasterous year of living away. I started a new job at a bank and was becoming good friends with my co-worker (we will call her Ann for her privacy). One day this cute older guy (We will call him Sean) walks in to open an account. After Sean leave, Ann can't quit talking about how cute he is. Turns out, Ann's best friend's boyfriend works with Sean and has been wanting to set them up for a while. Also, Sean's younger brother was Ann's younger brother's best friend in high school (we live in a small county...we are all connected somehow). One thing led to another and Sean and Ann started talking and were going to go on a date. Ann was scared and didn't want to go alone. So she asked her best friend and the best friend's boyfriend to come along and make it a double date. Then she asked me to go too. And so I wouldn't be the awkward 5th wheel, Sean invited his younger brother. So I go to a town an hour away to go to dinner with a girl I have only known 1 month and 5 people I don't know at all. Not to mention, I was the youngest of them all.

So...long story short. It was horribly awkward. I thought Jon was completely gorgeous and would never like me. I am super shy so I hardly talked. But fate must have been working in our favor because here we are over 3 years later, engaged.