Jun 21, 2008

( 5.0 / 5.0 ) This Bridal Shop is amazing. Compared to experiences I had looking for my Matron of Honor's Dress and experiences I heard from my girlfriends who are also getting married I am so glad this was the first and only place we went to. The people at Vera's House of Bridals great you with a warm, happy, inviting, smile, and make you feel so comfortable right from the start. The main floor has some dresses to look through, but because it is mainly appointment only you are not digging through billions of dresses. The Bride and her party are taken upstairs, which is off limits unless you have an appointment, and each party is taken into their own rooms. Bench seating on one side, hooks on the other for dresses, a giant mirror on the back wall, and a round podium in the middle for the bride to stand on. So basically you talk with your consultant and tell her what you are looking for, what your likes and dislikes are, and any other ideas of the perfect gown you envisioned and she goes out for like 5 minutes and comes back with 3 to 5 to try on! So you basically go through the whole process and seeing what you like and dislike and the consultant reads you a little and will occasionally bring in one for you to just try on to see how you feel. For example, if you know you definitely do NOT want to go strapless she will bring in a halter to see how you feel about a little half way just so that you can experience it, and 9 times out of 10 you surprise yourself with choosing something that you initially thought you would never like. That is their job and they are wonderful at it. My mom and I were there for about 4 hours and she never rushed us, never showed signs of being annoyed or frustrated and kept us laughing and smiling through the whole thing. In the end she brought in a dress and before I tried it on she stated that it was a discontinued sample dress and that this would be THE dress so it could only be cleaned and i tried it on and it was dead silent in the room...perfect fit, perfect look, yep she found it. So They held it there for me for a little under a year until we could come back for alterations. And when we came back, exact same happy greetings from everyone, and even though the consultant was not the one who was making the alterations, they have their own seamstress, our consultant came down and said hi checking to make sure everything still was ok. And even when we went back to try on after the alterations, Vera herself made an appearance and talked to me like I was the most important thing to her. She really does like making Brides happy, you could tell it in her eyes. So In the end it was the most pleasant experience and I would recommend going there even if it means taking a trip. We went a total of 4 times (the fourth being the time we picked up the dress all steamed and in a bust ready to put on the day of the wedding) and it was a wonderful experience all around!
Services used: Dress & Attire